Hero image for A student observes a lecture at Chaffey College.
A student observes a lecture at Chaffey College.

Career and Technical Education

Some students prefer to jump right into the workforce after getting the skills they need from a certificate of associate’s degree. Are you one of them? Focusing on a Career Technical Education program may be the path to pursue. CTE is also great for students looking to transfer to a four-year university for more advanced study. CTE programs combine academics with employer required hands-on experience and occupational knowledge to provide a pathway to careers or further study.

Chaffey College offers an abundance of certificate and associate’s degree programs that can lead to careers. If you’re still deciding on an educational path, you may also want to consider Chaffey’s academic and career communities.

CTE Programs



CTE Counselors

Name Email
Kimberly Wingson kimberly.wingson@chaffey.edu
La Quirshia Fennell laquirsha.fennell@chaffey.edu
Marcela Aguilera marcela.aguilera@chaffey.edu
Thai Pham thai.pham@chaffey.edu
Thalia Garibay thalia.garibay@chaffey.edu
Sandra Sisco
Director, Economic Development
(909) 652-6042


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