Hero image for Students in a graphic design class sit at computers.
Students in a graphic design class sit at computers.

Graphic Design for Digital Media

Learning is grounded on the fundamentals of graphic design principles in the Graphic Design for Digital Media program. Students focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills from brainstorming/ideation to concept and final execution. Students learn to use their personal perspective to communicate a message that uses their experiences and voice that is unique to them. They are guided by faculty that mentor for student success and growth. Students conceptualize innovative ideas that become reality by using typography, imagery, and design principles to execute their vision. Students learn what digital platforms are appropriate to communicate a message that meets a client's needs for a hypothetical real-world design project. Students dive into projects that consist of print design, identity systems, animation, and web design to build their portfolio to transfer to a 4-year university or obtain entry-level competitive skills for employment in the graphic design industry.

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Cabrina Alviar
Associate Professor
Mark Lewis
(909) 652-6109


Support Staff

Claudia Berzabal
Digital media lab specialist
Dariia Zamrii-Garland
Digital media lab specialist
Don Dryer
Technical specialist
(909) 652-6094


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We are dedicated designers and we provide a space to create, connect, and inspire. ABCDesign offers aspiring professionals the opportunity to get involved, create community, and build leadership skills. Seeking designers, photographers, and illustrators. If interested, please connect to the faculty advisor, Professor Cabrina Alviar at cabrina.alviar@chaffey.edu.