Hero image for Students, staff and faculty associated with the Chaffey College honors program.
Students, staff and faculty associated with the Chaffey College honors program.

Honors Program

If you're a motivated student who is looking for unique opportunities to feed your intellectual curiosity and would like to transfer to a university, the Honors Program could be the resource you need. The Honors Program provides students with many opportunities to help them reach their transfer and career goals.

Benefits include:

  • Preferred registration for classes at Chaffey College
  • Preparation for upper division and graduate-level academic work
  • Smaller classes designed to create and foster meaningful academic relationships between professors and peers
  • Intellectually stimulating curriculum
  • Opportunities to participate in local, state and national research conferences
  • Opportunities to publish original work in honors journals
  • University library access and invitations to special events
  • Scholarships and internships available upon verification of Honors Program status
  • Distinctive Honors transcript notations to indicate the honors course and grade
  • Certificate of completion of the Honors Program and acknowledgment at a special graduation ceremony
  • Honors transfer agreements with designated universities guaranteeing priority consideration of acceptance
  • Chaffey College is a participating member in the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Western Regional Honors Council and the Honors Transfer Council of California.



Current students

  •  A completed application
  • An overall 3.2 grade point average and must have completed 12 transferable units at Chaffey College
  • Enrollment in at least 12 units each semester and maintained through out the whole semester.
  • One nomination from a Chaffey College faculty member


Recent high school graduates

  • An overall, unweighted, GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Registration for 12 units at Chaffey College for the upcoming semester
  • And one of the following requirements:
    • The successful completion of three advanced placement (AP) classes in high school with a grade of “B” or higher
    • A combined SAT score of 1000 or above or ACT score of 26 or higher
    • Two letters of reference from high school instructors



Ready for the challenge? Please fill out our web form to get started.

Honors Program Application


Honors Contract Guidelines

These are the first steps for you to review regarding how to proceed with a contract.

  • Since most sections are on-line, student must email instructor and ask if the instructor would agree to let the student attempt an Honors contract in the class.
  • Once instructor agrees to let the student attempt an Honors contract in class, the student must go to the Honors Program Canvas page and fill out the honors contract Formstack link.

  • Once contract is filled out, the student will submit form, and the faculty member, Honors Program counselor, director, and dean will review and approve, request revision, or deny


These are the following guidelines when developing your project proposal. Proposals that do not meet the requirements may not be approved, and student will be required to revise and resubmit the proposal.

  • Description of the research paper:
    Students should provide a brief description of the research paper, including a thesis statement, or the main point(s) of the research paper. The description should concisely summarize the research question / topic, and how the student intends on answering it. Additionally, five scholarly (peer reviewed) sources that relate to the topic must also be provided.
  • Description of a virtual out of class activity:
    The student and instructor should agree upon a virtual out of class activity that ideally pertains to the students’ project. Some examples include (but are not limited to): visiting an exhibit at a museum, attending a lecture at a college or university, participating in an awareness raising event.
  • Description of the presentation:
    The contract requires a 15-minute (minimum) virtual presentation to the class. In disciplines where an oral presentation is inappropriate, the instructor and student may propose an alternative activity.


All deadlines are the fourth week of the respective session a student is  registered for.  Student should begin preparation for their project as they wait for the final approval, once the proposal is approved, the student should move forward with completing project.

 The Honors Program Office will contact the instructor at the end of the semester to verify if the student completed the contract and final class grade, and upon verification, the student will receive the honors notation on his/her transcript.


Honors Program Contract

Please review the Honors Program Canvas page to review the Honors contract Formstack link.

Chaffey College librarians will be happy to assist you with your researching needs.


Program completion requirements

  • Submission of a graduation form
  • Enrollment in a minimum of two semesters
  • Participation in the Honors Program for at least two semesters
  • Maintenance of an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Completion of 10 hours of on campus or community volunteer service
  • Completion of 15 units in honors classes and contracts with a "B" or higher
  • Completion of an associate degree or fulfillment of admissions requirements to a four-year institution



Please let us know if you're planning to complete the Honors Program by filling out the honors program graduation form.


Transfer Opportunities

We have transfer agreements with many competitive universities. Visit the Honors Transfer Council of California to learn more.



If you have any questions please reach out to Dorothy Nevarez, dorothy.nevarez@chaffey.edu or book an appointment on Cranium Cafe.

Video chat with Honors Program on Cranium Cafe