Hero image for Students perform during the "Sound of Music" concert at Chaffey College.
Students perform during the "Sound of Music" concert at Chaffey College.
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Whether you're interested in playing an instrument or singing in front of an audience, laying down tracks in a recording studio or teaching music to others, Chaffey College's music program can get you started. We can prepare you to transfer to a four-year college or university and pursue careers in music, music education, commercial music and related fields. You'll learn the major theories and artistic movements in music from the ancient to the modern world, and evaluate the influences that social, political and religious institutions have in the creation of music. The program covers technical skills and concepts and technologies involved in the creation of music. We'll teach you music history, theory disciplines and practices. The program emphasizes critical thinking in the creation, analysis and interpretation of music.

The music program offers an Associate of Arts in Music for Transfer (AA-T), an Associate of Science in Commercial Music (AS), and a Certificate of Recording Arts Technician.



Jonathan Johnson
Accompanist/Music Program Technician

Fulltime faculty

Name Email
Patrick Aranda patrick.aranda@chaffey.edu
Garrett Kenehan garrett.kenehan@chaffey.edu
David Rentz david.rentz@chaffey.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Name Email
Keegan Anglim keegan.anglim@chaffey.edu
Matthew Altmire matthew.altmire@chaffey.edu
Matthew Cahow matthew.cahow@chaffey.edu
David Elsenbroich david.elsenbroich@chaffey.edu
Jennifer Fagre jennifer.fagre@chaffey.edu
Chris Hornung christopher.hornung@chaffey.edu
Minji Noh Lee minji.lee@chaffey.edu
Ana Maldonado ana.maldonado@chaffey.edu
Sylvia Mann sylvia.mann@chaffey.edu
Ariel Pisturino ariel.pisturino@chaffey.edu
Stephen Rudd stephen.rudd@chaffey.edu
 Morgan Woolsey morgan.woolsey@chaffey.edu
Al Yankee alan.yankee@chaffey.edu



Program Outcomes and Requirements

Would you like to know the kinds of jobs you can get with a music degree and the earning potential? We've provided a guide for the Associate of Arts in Music for Transfer degree.

 Students and community members perform during the True Witness concert at Chaffey College.