Hero image for Students perform during the "Sound of Music" concert at Chaffey College.
Students perform during the "Sound of Music" concert at Chaffey College.


Whether you're interested in playing an instrument or singing in front of an audience, laying down tracks in a recording studio, or teaching music to others, Chaffey College's Music program can get you started. We prepare you to transfer to a four-year college or university and to pursue careers in music performance, music education, commercial music and the recording industry, and related fields. You'll learn how music is written and analyzed, how music is sold and consumed, and how to make music yourself. We cover technical skills and concepts, as well as the technologies involved in the creation of music. We'll teach you music history, music theory, and music performance. Our program emphasizes practical skills, as well as critical thinking in the creation, analysis and interpretation of music.

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Patrick Aranda
Professor, Music
David Rentz
Professor, Music


Support Staff

Jonathan Johnson
Accompanist/Music Program Technician

 Students and community members perform during the True Witness concert at Chaffey College.