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Nursing students graduation photo

Vocational Nursing

The Vocational Nurse is a care giver in acute and extended care facilities. In addition, VNs are employed in home health care, emergency clinics and as reviewers of health care utilization. The Vocational Nursing (VN) program is accredited by the State of California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to apply to take the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians licensing examination to practice as a vocational nurse. The VN program is one year and one-half in length and begins in the fall and spring semesters. The program consists of lecture and laboratory instruction in actual nursing situations.


Health Sciences Department


Jayne Clark-Frize, RN, MSN, PHN
Professor, VN Program
(909) 652-8218
Michael Escobosa, RN
Professor, Skills Lab VN Program
(909) 652-8221
Shelley Eckvahl, RN, MSN
Director, Coordinator VN Program
(909) 652-7680
Jordan Hung, RN, MSN, PHN
Assistant Director, Instructor, VN Program
(909) 652-8220
Candice Piper, RN
Instructor, VN program
(909) 652-8219


When Do I Apply? :

Our next application period will be in September of fall 2021, for the spring 2022, start date.

While that may seem like a long time to wait, we know that our programs are worth your patience. Here’s why:

Students who take foundational courses fare better in nursing courses once accepted into either program.  These courses include:

BIOL 30 – Medical Terminology; GERO 18 – Aging and the Life Course; GERO 22 – Dying and Death; GERO 23 – Aging and Older Adulthood; GERO 404 – Health and Wellness in Older Adults; NURADN 428 – Pharmacology; COMSTD 4 – Interpersonal Communication; and NURADN 403 – Pathophysiology. You can take these courses now to get ready for the program you choose.

Information Session Topics:

  • What is a Certified Nursing Assistant and  Licensed Vocational Nurse?
  • How to transition from LVN to ADN?
  • Available careers as a CNA & LVN.
  • Salaries of CNA & LVNs
  • CNA & LVNs at Chaffey, what is required

All meetings are open to the public and sign-ups are not required. Seating is limited. Please do not bring children. Please be prompt to assure admittance and allow time for parking. Day pass parking permits are required and may be purchased in the dispensers in each parking lot. 


  • VN Powerpoint
  • Health examination form
  • VN major sheet
  • Student handbook

Application Process

During the Application Period

  • Please review the VN PowerPoint to learn general information about the program.
  • Complete the VN Application.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted – there are no exceptions.
  • Once the student receives their processed evaluation of transcripts from counseling showing eligibility to the program, attach a copy with the VN application.

Submit the following via email to: vn.staff@chaffey.edu

  • Completed VN Application
  • Evaluation of Transcripts
  • Copy of current CNA and BLS/CPR Certifications
  • Copy of official or unofficial high school transcripts or equivalent

After The Application Period

  • Notification emails are sent to all applicants approximately 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.

Prerequisite Requirements

  • Anatomy and Physiology, or human anatomy and human physiology courses must have been completed or in progress with a minimum grade of C. Biology course(s) may not be over five years at the time of application to the VN program.
  • Current California certified nursing assistant (attach a photocopy of the CNA State certification to your application), or equivalent with minimum grades of C or P. OR NURADN 6 or higher
  • American Heart Association BLS/CPR certification for healthcare providers, must be current (must be renewed annually.
  • Students applying during the October application period must have all prerequisite courses completed.
  • Students applying during the March application period may have “in progress” coursework at the time of application.
  • All documents, must be received no later than the last business day of the current application period.

Application and Forms

The vocational nursing program accepts applications twice per year. During the spring semester, the application period begins on the first business day in March and closes on the last business day of March. During the fall semester, the application period begins on the first business day in October and closes on the last business day of October.

Submit the following via email to: vn.staff@chaffey.edu

  • Completed VN Application 
  • Evaluation of Transcripts 
  • Copy of current CNA and BLS/CPR certifications
  • Copy of official or unofficial high school transcripts or equivalent

Degree and Certificate Programs

Major requirements for the vocational nursing degree (S315):

Must be admitted into the VN program before taking these courses.

Note: In addition to completion of the major, there are other requirements for the degree. Refer to the Chaffey College graduation requirement sheet or see a counselor in the counseling center.

Course Number Course Title Units
NURVN 403 Fundamentals of Nursing 3
NURVN 403L Fundamentals of Nursing Laboratory 2
NURVN 405 Beginning Medical-Surgical Nursing 4
NURVN 405L Beginning Medical-Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 407 Nursing Skills/Clinical Simulation Lab (take 3 times) 1-1-1
NURVN 409 Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing 4
NURVN 409L Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 411 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 7
NURVN 411L Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 413 Leadership for the Vocational Nurse 3
NURVN 413L Leadership for the Vocational Nurse Laboratory 2
NURVN 415A Growth/Development Psychology Adult-Geriatric 1
NURVN 415B Growth/Development Psychology of the Child 1
NURVN 417A Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process I 1
NURVN 417B Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process II 1
NURVN 421 Maternal and the Child Health Nursing 4
NURVN 421L Maternal and the Child Health Nursing Laboratory 2
  Total units for the major: 47


Required prerequisite courses:

BIOL 424* Anatomy and Physiology (or BIOL 20*, Human Anatomy, 4 and BIOL 22*, Human Physiology, 4) 3
BIOL 424L* Anatomy and Physiology Lab  
NURAST 400** Nursing Assistant 3.5
NURAST 400L** Nursing Assistant Laboratory 2
NURAST 405 ** Nursing Assistant Skills Laboratory .5
NURAST 414 Foundations of Vocational Nursing 2
NURAST 450** Professional Development for the Nursing Assistant 1

*Must be taken within the previous 5 years.
**Students must take the four NURAST classes above, or equivalent, or provide proof of a current California 
State Nursing Assistant Certificate.

Requirements for the Nursing: Vocational (VN) Certificate: (T315)
Same as the major requirements for the associate of science degree and required prerequisite courses above.

Vocational Nursing Advanced Placement
Contact the VN program coordinator for evaluation of nursing course work. Transfer students must meet all prerequisites for the VN program.


Clinical Facilities

  • Rancho Mesa 
    9333 La Mesa Drive
    Alta Loma, CA 91710
  • Route 66 Post Acute 
    638 E. Colorado
    Glendora, CA 91740
  • Brookside Healthcare 
    1875 Barton Road
    Redlands, CA 92373
  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 
    440 N. Pepper Ave
    Colton, CA 92324
  • San Antonio Post Acute 
    867 East 11th Street
    Upland, CA 91786
  • Inland Christian Home 
    1950 South Mountain
    Ontario, CA 91762
  • Kindred Hospital 
    550 N. Monterey
    Ontario, CA 91764
  • Mount San Antonio Gardens 
    900 East Harrison
    Pomona, CA 91767
  • Totally Kids Rehabilitation 
    1720 Mountain View Avenue
    Loma Linda, CA 92354
  • Inland Valley Center 
    250 West Artesia
    Pomona, CA 91766