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Cybersecurity student examines servers during a class.
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Would you like to be part of a high-demand and high-paying profession working with computers? Our associate degree in cybersecurity offers an entryway into a field with about 72,000 job openings in California. Cybersecurity involves protecting internet-connected systems from cyberattacks. Courses in this program include cloud computing, ethical hacking, security operations, programming and information technology. Our faculty bring current and relevant experience from the field to the classroom. You'll have access to industry-standard software, hardware, tools and more.


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Starting with stackable certificates that build towards an AS degree, students learn the tools and skills needed to defend an organization from cyber-attacks. The Chaffey Cyber Security Program has a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning, turns the dedicated Cyber Hub classroom into a live production environment and offers alignment with industry certifications.

Students learn to build and utilize physical, virtualized and cloud computing resources in a live, student-created, production system. Students practice hacking in a safe sandbox environment to maximize learning and experimentation. Students learn the tools of cybersecurity professionals and collaborate with others on projects that span classes. Additionally, students learn the art of ethical hacking and how to build up the appropriate cyber defenses to counter attacks in an enterprise environment.

The courses in the pathway will prepare students for employment and for multiple industry certification exams including: Network+, Network Pro, Client Pro, Server+, Cloud+, Security+, PenTest+ and Amazon AWS certifications.



Email: bat.staff@chaffey.edu
Phone: (909) 652-6519

To learn more about advancing your education in cybersecurity at Chaffey, please send an email one of the following people.

David Nimri
Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Coordinator: Accounting & Financial Services
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science, and Cybersecurity
(909) 652-6848


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Associate Professor
Dionne Henderson
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