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2021 Commencement Program

Frequently Asked Questions


If you completed or expect to complete your degree or certificate in summer 2021, fall 2021 or spring 2022, you will be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony. Once you’ve applied, check your Panther email for your eligibility notification.

You can check your status online via the portal.

You must complete the following steps:

  • Apply for graduation via MyChaffey portal prior to:
    • February 25, 2022 to have your name included in the program
    • March 18, 2022 to be included in the ceremony (your name will not be included in the program if you apply after February 25th)
  • Complete the Graduate RSVP form prior to:
    • April 1, 2022 to be included in the ceremony

If you have earned an associate degree and have a 3.50 GPA or above in degree applicable units, you will graduate with honors. GPA for honors at graduation (listed in commencement ceremony booklet) is computed after the fall semester grades are recorded on the transcript for spring commencement.

You must have earned an associate’s degree and a cumulative 4.00 GPA in degree applicable units, and have completed a minimum of 12 degree applicable units at Chaffey College each consecutive term, except the first term in college may be fewer than 12 units. If you are eligible to be a valedictorian, you will be notified by the commencement office by April 15th.


The college is anticipating the ability to hold an in-person ceremony in May 2022. However, as COVID-19 is continuously changing and the state’s health and safety regulations are impacted as a result of increased cases, this prospect could change to a virtual event. Any updates will be noted here should a change occur.

Yes, the college has contracted with a company who will coordinate our virtual ceremony. In order to be included in the event, you must RSVP to provide current contact information in order to receive additional details on how to be included in the ceremony.


You will be contacted (via text message or email) with instructions on how to be included in the ceremony.


You will receive a link to the Campus Store website for more information regarding how you may purchase academic regalia and/or a grad bag.

A grad bag contains an assortment of items typically worn or associated with graduation. The bag will include: cap and gown, tassel, sash, and an alumni membership. The cost of the bag is approximately $100.

You will receive a link to the Campus Store website in your RSVP confirmation. Use the link to purchase a grad bag or any commencement related items.

No. Only college-approved regalia is allowed, as this is Chaffey College’s commencement ceremony. Any pictures using any non-approved or inappropriate regalia may be removed from ceremony activities.

It is completely acceptable to decorate your cap. Please be respectful when decorating your cap, but have fun. Please note that your graduation gown should not be decorated.

Grad Fest will be the first of several commencement activities available for our graduates. More information regarding Grad Fest will be emailed to those eligible to participate.

If you are unable to attend Grad Fest, anything that you purchased will be available for pick-up after Grad Fest during the Campus Store business hours. See the Campus Store website for business hours.

GradImages is the college’s official photographer for commencement.


Additional information regarding the sessions will be posted here and in your RSVP confirmation.


If you need additional help regarding your photos, call the GradImages customer service department at 800-261-2576 or email them at

You will receive a diploma/certificate cover containing a certificate of participation. The admissions and records office mails your diploma/certificate to you 3 - 4 months after your degree/certificate is posted. Keep us informed of your current address to ensure delivery of your transcript and diploma.

If you change your mailing address or you do not receive your diploma, please notify the admissions and records office at:
Last Name beginning with A – K –
Last Name beginning with L – Z –

Connect With Other Graduates

How can I connect with other graduates on social media?
Use the hashtag #chaffey21 to join the conversation on Twitter and see what’s trending among your fellow graduates and alumni.