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A food service student takes inventory.

Nutrition and Food

The dietary services supervisor (DSS) certificate program will allow you to work side by side with dietary service supervisors and registered dietitians at some of the finest acute care and long-term care facilities in the Inland Empire. You'll acquire skills that will equip you with a competitive edge in any dietetics or food service job. Come explore what education and a career in dietetics can offer you!


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The field of nutrition is always growing and qualified applicants are in demand. Job projections through 2026 show an increase of 19.8%. The pay varies from position and county but median salary is $14.31-$28.00/hour for applicants with their either a Nutrition & Foods certificate or those that are certified Dietary Services Supervisors. When students continue with their education and earn their Bachelor’s Degree and become a Registered Dietitian the entry level median salary range is projected at $34.23-$36.06/hour.

There are many areas of specialties within the nutrition industry. Students can make an appointment with the Faculty Advisor for Nutrition and Foods to discuss and explore the options that best fit their interests.


Candice Tinsley
Associate Professor
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