Hero image for Professor Abel Chen teaches a legal studies course.
Professor Abel Chen teaches a legal studies course.

Paralegal Studies

Our goal is to prepare students to become successful paralegals in rewarding and challenging legal careers. Qualified paralegals in California are in high demand. California is also the second highest paying state for paralegals. Earn your paralegal certificate or associate degree. Upon successful completion of either program, you will have met all the statutory educational requirements of becoming a paralegal in California. Chaffey’s paralegal faculty are attorneys, judges, or professors with J.D. degrees. Our paralegal students have access to online legal research, internships, and other practical hands-on legal trainings/events.

Our graduates are employed in private law firms, public agencies, and corporate law offices. Graduates have started their self-employed business as paralegal independent contractors serving the public. Other graduates have gone on to law school and became attorneys.

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Abel Chen
Professor, J.D.
(909) 652-6847
David Karp
Professor, J.D.