Hero image for Professor Abel Chen teaches a legal studies course.
Professor Abel Chen teaches a legal studies course.
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Paralegal Studies

If you’re passionate about the law and can see yourself working in a courtroom, a law firm or other legal setting, consider paralegal studies for your academic focus. The paralegal studies associate’s degree and certificate programs can prepare you to work as a paralegal or legal assistant. These professionals conduct legal work under the direction and supervision of an attorney. We’ll teach you legal theory as well as the skills used by current paralegals. The program will enhance your reasoning abilities and you’ll be able to apply correct principles of law through analytical and critical thinking skills. The program exceeds the American Bar Association’s guidelines for paralegal education requirements.


Business: Paralegal Studies AS (PDF)


Program Benefits

  • Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be recognized lawfully and legitimately by the State of California as a paralegal.
  • Classes are taught by attorneys, senior legal office managers/paralegals or other qualified professionals.
  • Students learn hands-on job skills to enter the paralegal profession.
  • The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and the role and responsibilities of paralegals.
  • Students learn essential paralegal skills such as conducting legal research, calendaring, drafting legal documents and legal memoranda.
  • Students learn to work with other legal professionals.
  • Students will gain understanding of office technology tools.
  • Students gain improved oral and written communication skills.


Paralegal Studies
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Abe Chen
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Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

(Requirements are the same for the certificate)

Course Number Course Title Units
BUSL 28A Business Law I 3
BUSL 28 B Business Law II 3
BUSL 400 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3
BUSL401 Legal Research and Writing 3
BUSL 402 Civil Litigation 3
BUSL 403 Evidence 3
BUSL 405 Legal Documents Preparation 3
BUSL 406 Advanced Legal Research and Writing 3


Plus a minimum of six units from the following:

Course Number Course Title Units
BUSL 10 Introduction to Law and the Legal Process 3
BUSL 50 Legal Aspects of Real Estate 3
BUSL 407 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
BUSL 408 Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Relations 3
BUSL 409 Family Law 3
BUSL 410 International Business Law 3
BUSL 411 Estate Planning and Probate Law 3
BUSL 412 Immigration Law 3
BUSL 413 Workers’ Compensation Law 3
BUSL 435 The Law of Marketing and Business Competition 3
BUSL 496ABC Internships in Paralegal 1-3


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