Facility Rentals

Chaffey Community College District has several venues available for community use when such use does not conflict with District operations.  Venues may be used to meet the needs of local entities, non-profit organizations, and the public.  The available venues include lecture halls, classrooms, outside areas, theater, and athletic facilites that can be reserved or rented for meetings, workshops, retreats, small conferences, or events. 

Facilities Use Policies, Terms and Conditions, and Regulations:

Board Policy 6700 - Civic Center and Other Facilites Use

Administrative Policy 6700 - Civic Center and Other Facilites Use 

Facility Use Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Priorities for Facilities Use

Chaffey Community College District facilities are used primarily to benefit the student population and community of those particular campuses The following priority is established for the use of the College venues:

  1. Chaffey College instructional classes and classroom activities.
  2. Chaffey College instructional/student services programs and activities.
  3. Chaffey College department programs and services.
  4. Chaffey College student organization programs and activities.
  5. Organizations not affiliated with Chaffey Community College District.

Application Process

  1. Submit the Use of District Facilities application
  2. Applications must be submitted to the facility rentals office no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the requested use date.  The complete application must be sent to the Facilities Rentals office via email at FacilityRentals@chaffey.edu



Venues and Rental Rates 



all rates are per hour unless otherwise specified 

Minimum rental period is 2 hours, unless stated otherwise (see below) 



Baseball Field (Howard W. Lowder)  


Gymnasium (floor & bleachers)


Sports Center (excluding concession)


Softball Field


Swimming Pool (under construction)


Training Field (Eastern most field)


Stadium Day (6-hour minimum)
(excluding concession)


Stadium Lighting (up to 3 hours)





Classroom (40 seats or less)


Lecture Hall





Parking Lot(s) 

$1 per hour/per space 

Daily Parking Rate 

$4 per space




Theater (3-hours minimum) 



Contact Us

Chaffey College Facility Rentals 
5885 Haven Avenue 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737   
Questions or inquiries may be directed to: 
Phone:  (909) 652-6182



Thank you for your interest in Chaffey Community College District as the site for your event