Facility Rentals

Do you want to reserve a room or facility for your event? The facilities office can help. Our staff serve as the point of contact for on- and off-campus individuals and groups to schedule use of any college room or facility. To submit your application for use of facilities, please complete the district’s online application.

Phone: 909-652-6701
Email: susana.harlan@chaffey.edu

Procedures for Use of District facilities by District Entities

  1. Application: Use of facilities beyond the normal, routine operations of the district require the submission of an application for use of district facilities by district entity form. The complete application, approved as required in Section 2 below, must be submitted to the facility rentals office no less than ten (10) working days prior to the requested use date.
  2. Approvals: Prior to submission to the facility rentals office all applications must be approved by the designated individual as follows:
    • Applications by student entities (if a club) must have the approval of their club advisor and the Director of Student Activities.
    • Applications by individual staff must have the approval of their supervisor or cognizant administrator.
    • Applications by staff organizations must have the approval of the organization's chairperson.
    • Applications by advisory committees must have the approval of the district's liaison, to the committee.
  3. Calendar clearance and arrangements: the facility rentals office will handle all applicable calendar clearances and arrangements.
  4. Billing: All usage fees and charges for special arrangements or services, if any, will be billed immediately following the use of the facility and are due and payable no later than 10 days following the invoice date. Future use of facilities may be denied if fees are not paid in a timely manner.


Regulations Regarding Use of District Facilities by District Entities

  1. Any recognized District entity or individual staff member may, subject to availability and proper approval, use district Facilities for college-related meetings and activities. Such facility usage must be consistent with the purposes of community colleges.
  2. The use of facilities by district entities and staff is usually free of charge. Any fees or charges will be consistent with the Chaffey College use of college facilities policies, procedures and fee schedules. Charges will also be made to cover district expenses directly occasioned by the facility use; examples of such charges are security, grounds, custodial, audio/visual and consumed materials costs.
  3. District entities and staff wishing to use district facilities must follow the Procedures for use of district facilities by district entities and must adhere to these regulations, as well as all applicable laws and District 
  4. The sponsoring entity is fully responsible for all loss or damage to district property during the period of use of such property.
  5. All books, pamphlets, posters and other items of literature which may have been used or distributed during a period of use must be removed immediately at the end of the use period. Promotional and advertising materials must be removed by the sponsoring group within 24 hours after the scheduled activity.
  6. No law, regulation, statute or district policy shall be violated during the occupancy of district facilities.
  7. The sponsoring entity is responsible for the removal and proper disposal of all decorations, props, equipment or other devices as it may use in connection with an event. All are to be removed as soon as practicable after the event; but, in any event, not later than 8:00 a.m. of the next school or business day.
  8. The sponsoring entity is responsible for the return of facilities in the same condition as they were at the time of entry except for normal sweeping and final disposal of trash. This includes furniture/equipment rearrangement.
  9. No food or beverages (refreshments) are permitted in facilities without prior approval of the facility rentals office.
  10. Smoking is not permitted in any college facility.