Equity Programs & Student Engagement


We recognize that Chaffey College students come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. The Office of Equity Programs & Student Engagement exists to provide a variety of support programs and resources to help meet the needs of the whole student.  Whatever your background, identity or status, we are here to support you and help you make the most of your student experience at Chaffey College.  


Providing a safe environment for student inclusion and empowerment.


The mission of the Office of Equity Programs & Student Engagement at Chaffey College is to identify solutions and resources that cultivate academic excellence and engagement by facilitating strategies and activities that empower students and promote a culturally responsive campus environment. We create a network of support and collaboration to address student equity, gaps in student achievement, and the needs of the whole student.


  • Academic Support – Connect incoming and current students to faculty, staff and other campus and community resources to relieve barriers to student success, reduce equity gaps, and promote a healthy learning environment.
  • Professional development for faculty and staff – Develop training and educational opportunities for faculty and staff in order to expand and promote equity-mindedness, cultural competence and a sense of awareness and belonging for historically underserved students.
  • Research – In partnership with the Office of Institutional Research, collect data and evaluate programs and policies to identify areas of success as well as academic barriers for disproportionately impacted groups in the areas of access, transfer, degree and certificate completion, retention, and completion of transfer-level math and English.
  • Student leadership development – Develop student leaders who represent Chaffey’s diverse population and actively contribute to a culture of collaboration and engagement.
  • Partnerships – Collaborate with local high school districts, county institutions and community agencies to address housing and food insecurity, and strengthen skill-building programs that advance student success and completion.
  • Administer the State Student Equity funds – Ensure that Student Equity funds are allocated efficiently to and expended appropriately by campus departments and programs, while also annually reviewing equity-related activities for effectiveness.


Equity Programs for Students Brochure 
Programs and resources for students are available in this brochure.      

Chaffey Dreamers
Students who are undocumented meet through this club to share their experiences and provide support.

Independent Scholars Program
Independent Scholars is a counseling program that provides unique academic services to current and former foster youth.

Montclair to College
Montclair High School students who enroll in this program and meet all of its requirements receive a two-year scholarship that covers all tuition, fees and books at Chaffey College.

Puente Project
The Puente Project strives to increase the number of Latino students transferring to four-year colleges and universities through specialized academic support, counseling and mentorship. The program is open to all students.

Umoja Program
The Umoja Program serves educationally and economically disadvantaged black students, with the goal of closing the achievement gap through specialized counseling, mentoring, leadership opportunities and more.

Veterans Resource Center
We seek to provide a sense of community among students who have served in any branch of the United States military by helping them transition from military to college life.

Student Equity plan 22-25 

Student Equity Plan pdf file