Hero image for A student smiles and spreads her arms in front of the Cucamonga sculpture at Chaffey College.
A student smiles and spreads her arms in front of the Cucamonga sculpture at Chaffey College.

Programs and Academics

Part of your college journey involves the critical decision of choosing an academic major and career path. At Chaffey College, we offer more than 170 degrees and certificates that range from accounting to university studies to help you reach your goals. Here are some important areas to get you started.


  • Academic and Career Communities - Chaffey's degree and certificate programs are organized into six Academic and Career Communities based on job families, interest areas, and similarities in coursework.
  • Academic Calendar - Do you want to keep track of important dates such as finals week, winter break, payment deadlines and more? We provide these calendars for the entire campus community.
  • Online Education – Chaffey College offers partial (hybrid) as well as fully-online courses. Learn more about our online education program on this page.
  • Fast Track – Our regular semester lasts 18 weeks, but what if you had the option to finish in just eight weeks? That’s Fast Track – a program that concentrates the same amount coursework of a regular-semester class into a shorter amount of time. It’s great for students who are looking for added convenience.
  • Honors Program – If you’re a highly-motivated student looking for extra challenges, check out our honors program.
  • Study Abroad – Some students like the adventure and enrichment that comes from studying outside of their home country. Chaffey College is part of a consortium with 13 other community colleges that provide opportunities to study abroad.
  • Workforce Training and Development – The community has workforce needs in a wide variety of fields. Explore our various programs, including those offered through our Industrial Technical Learning Center (InTech), to find out how you can get one of these in-demand jobs.