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Online Registration Instructions

Registration Access

NOTE: From summer 2021 semester onward, the registration process has changed. You can only register for classes via the "Self-Service (Registration)" link in the MyChaffey Portal. Learn more by checking out our registration instructions video.

Your registration date and time can be verified on MyChaffey Portal approximately two weeks before registration begins. You may register on or after your assigned registration date and time.

If you have a registration restriction, you may view your restriction in one of two ways:

Log into the MyChaffey Portal , select the My ChaffeyVIEW icon under the launch pad, and select “View My Restrictions (Holds)” in the Students Menu.

  • Download the Chaffey College Mobile App and select the “My Notifications” option.

The appropriate department and phone number will be listed. The restriction must be removed in order to register.

Registration Priority

 Registration priority will be assigned in the following order:

  • Students who have completed the placement process, orientation, an educational plan and are enrolled in and receiving services from an eligible priority group as defined by Education Code 66025 and Title 5 58108.
  • Continuing, returning and new students who have completed the placement process, orientation and an educational plan; continuing students must also be in good academic standing.
  • Students who fail to meet one or more of the eligibility requirements listed above.
  • Students who have completed more than 100 units.
  • High School Students


Maximum Unit Load

 You may enroll in up to 18.0 units in spring/fall, and 7.0 in summer, based on class availability. Counselor permission is required to enroll in more than the maximum number of units. You may contact a counselor through the Student Support Hub in Canvas to request a Unit Overload be submitted on your behalf. Please allow one business day for processing.

Multiple Enrollments

 You may only enroll in one section of a given course at the same time within the same semester.

Time Conflicts

You are not permitted to enroll in classes that meet at the same time or that have overlapping class schedules.


The waitlist opens as soon as a class becomes full, provided the waitlist option is available for the class. While registering via the MyChaffey Portal, you may place yourself on the waitlist for a class that is closed. You will be contacted via your Chaffey email account when a seat becomes available. Notification is based on waitlist rank.

Once permission to register is received,   you can register for classes via the "Self-Service (Registration)" link in the MyChaffey Portal. Learn more by viewing our registration instructions video.

Registration must be completed by the date and time indicated on the email notification. If you fail to register before the specified deadline, you will be dropped from the waitlist. The Admissions and Records Office cannot extend your deadline to add. You may not enroll and waitlist in different sections of the same course at the same time. Time conflicts are not checked systematically when wait listing.

If you have not received permission to register prior to the first day of instruction, go to the first class meeting to request an add authorization from the instructor.


Registering With a Petition

Students who require an approved petition to register in a course must complete the appropriate petition in the Admissions and Records forms section of the MyChaffey portal. Your petition will be processed once approved by the Dean and we will register you on your behalf. You will receive notice of registration via your Chaffey email.