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students training in the HVACR program

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The HVACR program prepares you to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, install, service and maintain the operating condition of the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. You will receive instruction in HVAC, air distribution systems, HVAC piping practices, brazing and tools, HVAC electrical systems, gas heat, refrigerants, recovery, vacuum and charging, HVAC electric heat, oil heat and hydronic heating, pneumatics and building automation controls, heat pumps, HVAC air distribution, installation, flues and ducts, advanced commercial HVAC systems and solar. Additional instruction is provided on management skills required in the HVAC business. 

This certificate and/or associate degree may lead to a position as an HVACR which according to O*NetOnline ( Occupation Code: 49-9021.01) the median wage in California was $53,630 ($25.79) annually.

The job and wage outlook will vary based on the position selected within this major and based on experiences from entry level, apprentice to higher level positions. To review current salary information and job outlook for other occupational titles, visit www.onetonline.org or go directly to: https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/49-9021.01

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