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Fire Technology

Becoming a Firefighter or Fire Prevention Inspector is a highly sought-after career. The basis for firefighting as a career begins with education and training. Students enrolling into the Fire Technology Program will receive real world examples and experiences from Instructors who have served in the fire service.

Instructors will provide students pertinent information that is needed to establish a solid foundation to build on educationally. Student's will continue to build on this foundation while progressing through the program. Following graduation former students will continue to build on this foundation of knowledge as they enter the fire academy, and after being employed as a Firefighter or Fire Prevention Inspector. Member of the Fire Service never stop studying, learning, and training.

In order to help students to meet their educational goal and graduate within two years of entering Chaffey College, the Fire Technology Program offers 8-week courses that are offered Online and Hybrid formats. Please see the Chaffey College schedule of class to see which courses are being offered in the current and upcoming semesters.

The Fire Technology Program courses follows the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) initiative, which is aligned with U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Academy. 

The National Professional Development Model and the Emergency Medical Services Professional Development Model illustrate how the four pillars of professional development influence your career: Training, Academic Education, Relevant Experience and Continuing Education.

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Fire Technology: Professional Firefighter AS Program Map

Fire Prevention Inspector Certificate Program Map

Fire Technology: Professional Firefighter Certificate Program Map



James Sloan
Fire Captain/Paramedic (ret) - Associate Professor, Program Coordinator
Office BE-133
(909) 652-6844
Robert Lopez
Fire Captain (ret) - Instructor
David Pacela
Fire Captain (ret) - Instructor
Steven Hall
Firefighter/Paramedic (ret) - Instructor
Todd Morehead
Fire Captain (ret) - Instructor
Joshua Stapleton
Fire Captain - Instructor
Rudy Pock
Battalion Chief (ret) - Instructor
Gabe Ferrer
Fire Captain - Instructor