Hero image for A broadcast and cinema student operates a video camera.
A broadcast and cinema student operates a video camera.

Broadcasting and Cinema

If you're interested in becoming the next Steven Spielberg, Diane Sawyer or Ryan Seacrest, Chaffey College's broadcast and cinema program can prepare you for your chosen career path. Earn transferable academic credits in a wide variety of subjects such as cinema and broadcast studies, radio and television production, as well as screenwriting.  Get the skills for jobs in radio, television and motion picture industries. Students receive hands-on experience in high definition television production, nonlinear editing, digital audio and radio production while using our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities on campus.

Students who complete the broadcasting certificate program are prepared for entry-level work in the radio, television, motion picture and entertainment industries. Job opportunities include commercial, cable, independent, industrial, governmental, and religious television productions, as well as positions in management, operations and producing streaming audio/video content for internet sites. Other potential job opportunities include; nonlinear editing, script analysis and scriptwriting for broadcasting and motion pictures. Many of our graduates have gone on to become radio announcers, technicians, producers, television and movie actors, screenwriters, cable television producers and managers, and others have formed independent production companies.

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Erik Bottoms
Broadcast and Cinema specialist
(909) 652-6074
Daniel Jacobo
Broadcasting professor
(909) 652-6070
Erik Jacobson
Cinema professor
(909) 652-8023
Don Schroeder
Associate professor of Broadcasting and Cinema
(90) 652-6123



Chaffey College Radio - 1630 AM

Chaffey's broadcast students air music, news and more on 1630 AM. Stay tuned for scheduling information.