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Public Health

If you are interested in health education, the health of your community, preventing disease and working with public entities on these issues, consider pursuing a degree in public health. You’ll learn how to work in the field to help people and communities adopt healthy behavior, conduct research for medical personnel and organizations to address community health needs and more. The public health science associate of science for transfer degree will prepare you to continue your studies at a four-year institution or jumpstart your career.

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Sarah Davila
Sarah Davila




With an associate’s degree, students become eligible for careers such as:

  • Community Health Worker - $42,142
  • Outreach Coordinator - $43,009
  • Health Navigator - $38,037
  • Wellness Coach - $43,174


With further study, students can explore careers including:

  • Epidemiologist - $89,479
  • Biostatistician - $79,290
  • Research Associate - $47,720
  • Health Analyst - $76,369
  • Environmental Health Specialist - $79,780
  • Disaster Management - $98,220
  • Public Health Nurse - $58,227
  • Public Health Physician - $235,175
  • Researcher - $86,000
  • Health Educator - $64,253

Source: PublicHealthOnline.org, EnvironmentalScience.org and Erieri.com


Public Health News

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