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Hospitality Management

Are you looking for a career path that is both exciting and versatile? You can work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, amusement parks, and cruise lines all over the world. Chaffey College's Hospitality Management program can prepare you for all these in-demand careers expected to grow by about 3,000 positions per year throughout the Southern California area every year, according to labor market research.

Students with this Associates degree and additional work experience can pursue careers with generous pay, including hotel general manager ($111,000 average), restaurant management ($55,250 average) or meeting/event manager ($90,187 average), among other positions. The program is proud of alumni who work as Regional Directors and Managers for world class hotels, Restaurant Managers for several brands such as City Walk Food Operations at Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland, Marketing Director for Red Lobster, Cruise Vacation Planner for the Princess Cruise Line and many more. Students in the program run their own on-campus restaurant every spring semester in the state-of-the-art kitchen which exposes students to modern equipment and technology used in the industry. Students also get the opportunity to work and get professional training at the front of the house to prepare them for the modern hospitality workforce. The program offers a transfer degree to assist students who transfer to four-year colleges all over the country. Our strong internship program with local hospitality organizations has helped several students be gainfully employed all over the Southern California area. Let us take a ride to the World of Hospitality and be exposed to careers where you can work and have fun at the same time.

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Daniel Bentum M.A., J.D.
Professor Hospitality Management
(909) 652-8027


The Hospitality Management Program at Chaffey College has several options to suit the unique needs of each individual student. There are 3 Associate degrees and 4 Certificates offered in the program. The Associate degrees are in Hotel Management, Food Service Management, and Associate Degree for transfer in Hospitality Management. The Certificates are in Hotel Management, Food Service Management, Event Planning and Hospitality Facilities Management.

Specific jobs in the industry include: Hotel or Resort Manager/Clerk, Concierge, Sales and Marketing Director, Food and Beverage Director, Restaurant/Bar Manager, Banquet Manager, Wedding Planner, Facilities Manager, Operations Manager/Director, Executive Chef, Event Planner/Manager, Caterer or Catering Manager, Travel/Tourism Director, Cruise Line Director, and Gaming Manager, to name a few.