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Pathway to Law School

The Pathway to Law School certificate program provides a broad background to help prepare students for success in law school. Students interested in a career as a lawyer should also complete their Associate’s Degree and an academic major leading to transfer to a four-year college or university. Unlike medical schools or other graduate programs, law schools do not have any undergraduate course requirements. They seek to assemble a diverse group of students with different backgrounds and undergraduate majors. As a result, college graduates with any undergraduate major may achieve admission to law school. Although law schools do not have specific undergraduate course requirements, some legal specialties are limited to students possessing certain types of undergraduate degrees. For example, patent lawyers are typically required to have a degree in engineering or in the sciences.

This certificate provides students with the opportunity to major in the subject of their choice while strengthening their abilities in areas that are associated with success in law school and the practice of law. Chaffey College is one of a group of community colleges participating in a program providing a pathway from community college to ten California law schools and their associated undergraduate schools. The law schools in the program are: Chapman University; Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (Loyola Marymount University); Pepperdine University; Santa Clara University; UC Berkeley; UC Davis; UC Irvine; UCLA: University of San Francisco; and University of Southern California. In addition to completing the certificate program, students must complete all prerequisites for his/her major as required by the undergraduate institutions and must transfer to a four-year college or university. Pathway to Law School students are not in any way limited in their choices of undergraduate or law school. Chaffey students who complete this certificate are entitled to the benefits provided by the pathway program if they complete this seven course certificate program, complete an Associate’s degree, and earn their undergraduate degree. Students are strongly advised to participate in an approved public interest/civic service activity. Interested students should contact their counselor or a member of the Chaffey law faculty for more information on this program.

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