The Chaffey College Milliken Planetarium offers students and the greater Chaffey community a state-of-the-art space to learn about the universe and witness visual and performing arts events. The planetarium received a number of upgrades from 2017 to 2018, including a Digistar 6 projection system, similar to one found in IMAX theaters. This configuration allows students, faculty and visitors to go literally anywhere in the universe, from another planet to another galaxy. The system enhances students’ educational experiences through interactive shows and demonstrations. The renovation project also included installation of new lighting, accessibility improvements and new paint and flooring.

Chaffey reopened the planetarium in August 2018. A Title III grant allowed Chaffey to give faculty, staff and students an introductory demonstration of the projection system during the fall term. Interest in the debut shows ran high, with seats for all viewings filled within the first 24 hours they were offered.