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On view in the Center for the Arts, CAA Student Gallery:

prison nation

Prison Nation: Posters on the Prison Industrial Complex
An exhibition from the archives of Center for the Study of Political Graphics
June 9 – July 24, 2014
Center for the Arts Student Gallery, Rancho Campus
The United States has the largest prison population in the world—over 2.3 million inmates. Since the 1970s, the rate of most serious crimes has dropped or remained stagnant, yet prisons have been filled at double capacity. People of color, the poor, the illiterate, the mentally ill, youth, and women are the primary occupants. This phenomenal growth is due to mandatory drug sentencing laws, conspiracy provisions, a dysfunctional parole system, inadequate legal representation, and huge profits made by the multinational corporations servicing the prisons. The posters in Prison Nation cover many of the critical issues surrounding the system of mass incarceration including: the racial disparity in sentencing, the death penalty, the Three Strikes law, women’s right to self defense, access to education and health care, the growing rate of incarceration, slave labor, divestment, privatization, torture, and re-entry into the community.

June 18, 2-6pm
Tour with CSPG Executive Director Carol Wells (CAA Student Gallery, 2-245pm)
CURB presentation on the growth of prisons in California (CAA-211, 245-315pm)
Panel Discussion (330-5pm)
Reception (CAA Student Gallery, 5-6pm)
Free and open to the public

July 24, 1-5pm
Tour & Poster Making Workshop
CAA Student Gallery & CAC-105
Free and open to the public
Join us for a hands on workshop where you can create your own protest posters using mixed media and various printing techniques. Free and open to the public although space is limited.

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