Student Services

Student services plays an integral part in fulfilling the Chaffey College mission of improving lives. Through a framework of equity and social consciousness, the area provides the infrastructure to the educational processes and compliments the instructional and administrative units of the institution by striving to provide seamless access and support to the quality education our faculty and staff provide. Collectively, student services works to educate and empower students in their ability to make real-life professional and business transactions. The office of the associate superintendent is responsible for ensuring that the areas of student services work cohesively to fulfill the college’s mission and meet the college’s institutional goals.

The unit encompasses service components, support components, co-curricular aspects and curriculum that engage students as part of its daily framework and processes. Student services reaches every student in some aspect or another, whether it is ensuring the application and registration date are available for the student, awarding of financial aid, or by providing counseling or health services. Student services engages students in activities such as clubs, student government or intercollegiate athletics.

The office is also responsible for the vision and leadership of 12 student services departments and programs, including admissions and records, athletics, cashiers, counseling (Including student success and support programs, DPS and EOPS), financial aid, international student services, student employment, student health services, student life, student discipline and grievance, and the transfer center.