Grants Development and Management

Whenever faculty, staff and administrators seek grant funding to support Chaffey College students and programs, the Grants Development and Management Office (GDM) works with them to get those grants submitted. People applying for grants work with a specialist who assists with writing, approvals and proposal submissions required by the district and sponsoring agencies. The department reviews applications and makes recommendations to campus leaders. The GDM Core Review Team, comprised of staff from a cross-section of college departments, reviews “intent to apply” forms and provides additional guidance for grant development and active proposals. All grants and contracts require approval from the Chaffey College Governing Board, as well as approval of the direction and development of proposals by the associate superintendents of business services, economic development and student services. Grant proposal submissions require the superintendent/president’s authorization and signature.

Once approved, accounting services establishes grant accounts. Accounting and business services staff then move forward with development and management of grants. They work with the Director, Grants Development and Management to ensure reasonable budget costs, compliance with sponsor guidelines and district policy. When grants fund new or existing employees, human resources will provide support.

Primary Contact/Project Director

If you’re the faculty or staff member seeking the grant, you’re considered the primary contact on the application and will work with the GDM Office during many steps of the process. Some grants require the hiring of a full-time project director. Primary contacts and project directors handle numerous duties, including:

  • Assist in the conceptualization, development and writing of the grant proposal narrative and budget.
  • Implement and conduct the project according to the sponsor requirements as stipulated in the terms and conditions in the notification of award (NOA) and in compliance with the sponsor’s policies.
  • Obtain sponsor approval for budgetary changes or changes in the scope and objectives of the project.
  • Notify accounting services, the GDM Office and/or the Chaffey College Foundation of any sponsor approved changes to the budget, objectives or scope of the project.
  • Supervise all budget expenditures in conformity with the approved budget and the College and sponsor policies.
  • Complete quarterly and annual reports as required by the sponsor. Submit original reports to Accounting and Business Services for review and approval. Once approved, reports will be forwarded to the associate superintendent of business services and economic development for final signature and approval then returned to the primary contact/project director. Reports must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the sponsor’s due date.
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records of project activities and services including milestones, project accomplishments and progress toward reaching the stated goals and objectives of the project.
  • Ensure no conflicts of interest are involved with the project, including subcontracting. Adhere by the college’s policies and applicable laws regarding conflict of interest.
  • Adhere to all pertinent policies and law regarding the stewardship of grant funds to institutions of higher education.



Ray Cuellar, Director

Grants Development and Management
Chaffey College
5885 Haven Avenue, AD 109B
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737-3002
Phone: (909) 652-6469


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