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Cybersecuirty students

Cybersecurity Center

The Chaffey Cybersecurity Center is the hub of activity for Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Cybersecurity programs. The center provides a location for a multitude of learning and activities that relate to cybersecurity including community events such as digital hygiene, scout badging events, cybersecurity club meetings, game club meetings, cybersecurity career exploration and various other activities. Our Cybersecurity Center continues to be a place of innovation to include experiential learning and testing of novel new courses. The Cybersecurity Center has two rooms, and each room has its own area of focus. One room focuses on testing new learning in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Game Development, and new Cybersecurity courses.  The second room is a living lab classroom where students learn Computer Information Systems, Programming, and Cybersecurity in a pseudo production environment.  Our programs have direct input from our advisory group of directors to ensure that our courses meet the latest needs of organizations and businesses in the region and beyond.

The Cybersecurity Center allows students to put on events where they welcome in other students of all ages and community members. These events have helped journalism students learn how to protect themselves when submitting their stories, as well as helping Boy and Girl Scouts earn many digital badges.

In 2023, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation visited the Cybersecurity Center. Bill Gates, along with other senior members of the foundation, not only visited Chaffey College, but were given a presentation about our novel approach to teaching cybersecurity. Along with the presentation, several cybersecurity students in the Cybersecurity Center gave a demonstration showing their skills. Mr. Gates stated that the center and the education is impressive which underscores the quality of instruction, learning, and innovation of the center.