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Our Mission

The Classified Senate's mission is to provide classified professionals with a formal participatory voice in supporting the College’s mission, vision, core values and promoting a successful learning environment for students. As an integral part of the college community, the Classified Senate shall actively contribute to the growth and success of the College.

About Classified Senate

The Chaffey College Classified Senate is a permanent organization originally sanctioned by the Governing Board in 1982. It shall be the purpose of Classified Senate to participate in the governance of Chaffey College; to actively collect, evaluate, and disseminate information and represent the collective interests of Classified Professionals before or on any governance or college committee. Responsibilities of the Classified Senate shall be as follows:

  1. Provide the Classified Professionals with a formal participatory voice in shared governance supporting the College’s mission, vision and core values, and participation in the initiation, development, and evaluation of District policy, and procedures;
  2. To provide communication, understanding, and mutual support among the Classified Professionals;
  3. Select representatives from its membership to serve on appropriate college-­‐wide standing committees and any other committees deemed necessary by the college governance structure;
  4. To communicate Classified Professionals needs, concerns, viewpoints and recommendations on college issues to the superintendent/president and governing board;
  5. To articulate the professionalism of Classified Professionals so that they are properly recognized and valued;
  6. Provide an opportunity to develop individual leadership among the Classified Professionals, as well as increase the professional standards of its members; and,
  7. Lead and participate in fundraising to benefit Classified Professional growth opportunities and provide opportunities that encourage social responsibility and community involvement through giving and actively participating in community outreach efforts both on and off campus.

How Senate Fulfills the Mission and Purpose

The Classified Senate's mission of promoting shared governance is done with the participation of more than 170 classified employees who serve on numerous standing and ad-hoc committees across the Chaffey College campus. However, that is not all the Classified Senate does. Through partnerships with other campus groups, the Classified Senate supports student success by making donations to student scholarship programs, book grants and the Chaffey College Foundation’s Fund-a-Dream program. Off campus, the Classified Senate participates in community outreach work by supporting the Chaffey Food Pantry, the Salvation Army and Teddy Bears for Hugs at Loma Linda University Hospital. In addition, the Senate has helped classified employees develop individual leadership skills by sending 35 staff members to the Classified Leadership Institute Conference over the past five years. The Senate also develops and host fundraising activities that support workshops and conferences for classified professionals.

History of the Classified Senate

At the time the Chaffey College Classified Senate was established in October 1981 it made history by becoming the first such body in California. Months later, on July 8, 1982, the Chaffey College Governing Board officially recognized the Classified Senate, headed at that time by elected officers Barbara Moore, Sharon Haag and Ben Bull.

Supporting Classified Senate

The Chaffey College Classified Senate raises funds through monthly payroll deductions and one-time donations. The Classified Senate uses the donations to host events such as Classified Appreciation Week, New Employee Orientation, outreach events, scholarships and workshops.

To make a monthly donation, complete a payroll deduction form and return it to the Payroll Office in AD-162. Checks for one-time donations should be made out to the Chaffey College Classified Senate Auxiliary and sent to Tina Altis in AD-102 at the Rancho Cucamonga campus.

Contact Us

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