Budgeting and Fiscal Services

Budgeting and fiscal services staff report to the associate superintendent of business services and economic development. The department develops appropriate fiscal strategies and provides fiscal support to the instructional, administrative and student service areas of the district.

The major functions of this program are:

  • Accounting- Receiving, depositing, accounting, monitoring and reporting of funds; and researching and developing financing tools to ensure fiscal stability. 
  • Auditing- Internal auditing of District funds to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local financial and program regulations and guidelines.
  • Budgeting- Developing, maintaining, and monitoring the annual budget. This includes position management.
  • Customer Service- Providing training and assistance with budget and reporting, and communicating information in a clear and concise manner to faculty, staff and administrators for the above functions.
  • Disbursing- Authorizing the release of payments.


The department measures effectiveness, fiscal stability and success through reports, including audits.

Contact the office at (909) 652-6036

Patrick Cabildo
Interim Executive Director, Fiscal & Audit Services
(909) 652-6038
Myriam Arellano
Accounting Administrator
(909) 652-6177
Silvia Valverde Jaimes
Administrative Assistant II
(909) 652-6036
Trisha Albertsen
(909) 652-6033
Tina Altis
Senior Accounting Technician
(909) 652-6034
Melissa Diaz
Senior Accounting Technician
(909) 652-6031




Following are various Chaffey College financial reports.

Budget Documentation

Adopted Budget


Budget Forum



Audit Reports


Annual Financial Reports


Education Protection Account (EPA Reports)


Apportionment Attendance Report