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All costs associated with student travel include event registration, airfare, mileage, meals and incidentals, car rental, hotel stay, etc. are to be paid through the Purchasing requisition process. There is a specific object code that is to be used for student travel. See the Chart of Accounts or contact Accounting Services for the specific account to use.

When a student is traveling, the Department paying for the travel will need to enter a requisition for all expenses associated with the travel. All back up is to be forwarded to your Buyer Point of Contact for processing the purchase order(s). If you require any assistance with making reservations please contact your Buyer Point of Contact.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing of the purchase order and payment for student travel. If any of the travel costs require payment within less than than two weeks, please contact your Buyer Point of Contact immediately..



All costs associated with the travel of faculty and staff is to be completed utilizing the Travel and Conference form. These costs include event registration, airfare, mileage, meals and incidentals, car rental, hotel stay, etc. Travel for faculty and staff does not use the Purchasing requisition process. The travel arrangements are made through the various departments. If you require assistance with these arrangements, such as securing hotel accomodations or registration for events, please contact your Buyer Point of Contact.

Requests must be approved prior to traveling and attending conferences. These requests are to be submitted on the Travel Conference Request form to the Accounting office after all the signatures have been obtained.

Travel and Conference forms are completed for faculty and staff and sent to Accounting Services to process any prepayments. Accounting Services will return the Travel and Conference form to the department to complete actual expenses after the event has occurred. All receipts are to be attached to the completed form and returned to Accounting Services. Payment for out-of-pocket expenses made by the individual will be reimbursed if applicable.

When traveling out-of-state or when the cost of travel is greater than $1,000, travel requests must be approved by the President. For instructional out-of-state travel or travel greater than $1,000, requests must be approved by the Vice President of Instruction and the President.



Requests for mileage reimbursement are submitted to Accounting Services with all the appropriate signatures on a Mileage Reimbursement form. The rate is based on Federal guidelines and is adjusted every fiscal year. Contact Accounts Payable for current rate.



This form can be used for pre-payments/reimbursements of business related expenses (primarily meals) for local meetings. This form is not intended to replace the Travel Conference form. Requests are to be submitted to Accounting Services with all appropriate signatures. Please attach all receipts and a copy of the meeting flyer/agenda if available.

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