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Purchasing Services has the responsibility of placing orders through the issuance of Purchase Orders, Blanket Purchase Orders, and/or Contracts and Agreements. Purchase Orders and Blanket Purchases Orders are described below. Information regarding Contracts and Agreements can be found under the College Services link.



A requisition is not a purchase order and, thus, cannot be sent to the vendor to procure products and/or services. Requisitions are internal electronic forms that are used to establish purchase descriptions, price, method of funding, etc. A Purchase Order is a legally binding contract between a vendor and the District.

Do not place an order, promise an order, or otherwise authorize the purchase of goods or services yourself without the proper documents, such as an approved Blanket Purchase Order issued by Purchasing. This may make you personally liable for payment to the vendor.



Detailed, on-line requisitions are submitted by the requesting department with all the proper approvals.  Any supporting documentation, such as quotes, proposals, order forms, etc., must be sent to Purchasing.

The steps to process a requisition are:

1. Data Entry
2. Budget Approval
3. Source/PO Creation.

The time it takes to process requisitions to a Purchase Order depends upon how long it takes to go through the departmental approval path as well as on the complexity of the PO. Once the requisition has been approved by the Budget Manager(s), the requisition will appear in Datatel as “Outstanding.” The requisition must show a status of “Outstanding” in order for the Buyer to process the requisition into a purchase order.

If the initiator of the requisition wishes to communicate information to either the Buyer or Accounts Payable, they may do so by entering the information in the Comments section of the requisition. The Comments section is located on the first screen when entering the requisition in Datatel.



 The purpose of reviewing requisitions is to ensure compliance with district or restricted account requirements and to correct object codes or other discrepancies. REVIEWING IS NOT APPROVAL.

             Review/Approvals are required in this order:

1.         If the budget is restricted, (budget codes beginning with 10-5xxx, all object codes) requisition will be reviewed by appropriate person in accounting services.

2.         If instructional computer hardware and software, the requisition will be reviewed by the Director of Educational Technology, (Object codes 56440, 56445, 54430).

3.         If non-instructional computer hardware and software, the requisition will be reviewed by the Director of Information Services, (Object codes 56450, 56455, 54450).

4.         Lastly, all other requisitions, and those that have been reviewed, will be approved by the appropriate budget manager.         

Requisitions should not be changed or canceled without contacting the originator/budget manager.  Budget managers should routinely run reports (UNRQ and RREG) to determine what requisitions are still outstanding.



Purchase orders (POs) are for the procurement of specific items with a per unit price.

Purchasing reviews all items purchased for:

        Correct budget number/account coding

        Correct approvals

        Vendor selection

        Complete, detailed description of materials or service

        Current prices, if necessary 

It is against District policy as well as illegal to split orders in order to stay under certain dollar limits, subsequently lessening the competitive process.

For orders exceeding the current statutory bid threshhold, please contact your Buyer Point of Contact as the purchase will require a bidding process. The current statutory bid threshold is found under the link for Commodity Bids under the Bids / RFP's section.



Blanket purchase orders (BPOs) are open purchase orders for the procurement of goods and maintenance-repairs on an as-needed or emergency basis when the issuance of a standard purchase order or service contract is unreasonable or impractical under the circumstances.

BPOs are generally used for the following types of procurements:

As-needed instructional and non-instructional supplies - consumables only

Emergency maintenance-repairs or materials necessary to permit the continuance of classes/District operations, or to avoid danger to life or property.

Minor repairs and servicing of equipment


BPOs cannot be used for the following procurements:

Purchases of computers, electronics, any single item/good that is $500 or more, or any restricted item/good (e.g. ITS approval required).

Any goods or services that require bid - when the purchase is equal to or greater than the current statutory bid threshold, whether for a single item/service or in the aggregate.

Furniture, fixtures, equipment (FF&E)

Public Works

When a service contract is required.

Purchasing approves and issues all BPOs upon entry of an approved requisition in Datatel by the requesting department/program. The requisition must: (1) specify whether delivery is "will call" or "Ship to Chaffey College Warehouse", (2) list the persons authorized to use the BPO, (3) a not to exceed amount, (4) an effective period, and (5) reference to a price list or provides instructions for the vendor to submit a quote and obtain approval in advance of delivery (Purchasing will request confirmation of Vice President/President approval via e-mail for BPOs of $5,000 or more).

Procedures for receiving delivery of BPO procured goods and services:

  1. Purchase of goods with delivery received in the Warehouse: Warehouse Staff will receive and inspect items using a copy of the District's BPO and the vendor's packing slip, and will deliver goods to the requisitioning department/program, who will sign a receipt acknowledgment upon delivery of the order.
  1. Purchase of goods by will call (e.g. BPO for Home Depot, instructional food supplies, etc.) and purchase of services/utilities (e.g. BPOs for repairs, etc.), the requisitioner must send a signed invoice approving payment to Accounting Serivces, with a copy to John Martinez, Warehouse Specialist. Emails and faxes from the requisitioner approving payment are also sufficient. The signature approving payment acknowleges receipt of the goods.



Saving money is always a prime consideration when making a purchase. All personnel are expected to secure maximum value for our dollars and conserve College funds. State, college, and university contracts are developed and competitively bid with those same goals in mind and generally offer quality products and services at fair prices. It's important to remember that these contracts are developed with much more than just lowest cost in mind. They also include value added services such as prompt delivery, extensive reports, and other services that benefit the College as a whole. The competitive bidding process affors all interested vendors an opportunity to participate in our business and the contracts that result from such processes are legal binding documents that Chaffey College and the vendor must adhere to.

Contact your Buyer Point of Contact for a list of vendors that participate in piggybackable contracts and for additional information on this subject.


Hours of Operation:

Purchasing Office:
Monday through Friday
7:30am to 4:30pm

Phone: 909-652-6701
Fax: 909-652-6704

Receiving Dock:
Monday through Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm

Phone: 909-652-6711

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