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Chaffey College
Police Department
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Chaffey College Police Department

Parking and Traffic

Rules & Regulations

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8.1 No person shall fail to obey any sign or signal erected to carry out these regulations or the California Vehicle Code.
8.2 No person shall operate a vehicle, motorized cycle, or bicycle on District property at a speed in excess of 25 miles per hour, except emergency vehicles.
8.3 The driver of any vehicle or motorized cycle shall yield the right of way to a pedestrian crossing any roadway.
8.4 No person shall operate any vehicle, motorized cycle, or bicycle on any walkway, field, or landscaped area. Exceptions include emergency and maintenance vehicles.
9.1 All vehicles parked on grounds owned or operated by the Chaffey Community College District shall clearly display a current parking permit or daily parking pass receipt on the lower driver side windshield facing outward with the number of the permit clearly visible. A sticker or receipt in any other area of the vehicle is a violation and subject to citation. Parking is enforced Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 11:00pm, and on Saturdays from 7:00am to 3:00pm. Jeeps, Motorcycles and vehicles with convertible tops should contact the Campus Police Office.
9.2 No parking is allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked parking stall.
9.3 No person shall park in an area, posted or marked for “Disabled Parking Only”, unless a valid Chaffey College Disabled Person Parking Permit or State issued disabled person placard and a current student parking decal is displayed on the vehicle.
9.4 No student or staff member shall park a vehicle in a stall that is posted or marked as visitor or guest or any other marked or reserved stall.
9.5 Painted curbs are an indication of restricted parking and the color of the curb denotes the type of parking allowed as follows:

9.5.1 RED ZONE - Indicates no parking or stopping anytime
9.5.2 YELLOW ZONE - Indicates an area for loading and unloading of freight not to exceed a 30 minute time limit. Vehicles exceeding the posted time limit will be cited
9.5.3 GREEN ZONE - Indicates time limit parking. Time limits shall be posted. Vehicles exceeding the posted time limit will be cited.
9.5.4 BLUE ZONE - Indicates Disabled Person Parking. Vehicles not displaying a valid State issued Disabled Person Placard or Chaffey College Disabled person permit will be cited.
9.6 No person shall sleep in or remain overnight in any vehicle parked on grounds owned or operated by the District.
9.7 No person shall abandon, or leave standing any vehicle or motorized cycle on the District premises for 72 or more consecutive hours without permission of the Campus Police Department. Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage under authority of the California Vehicle Code.
9.8 Vehicles parked in any stall marked or posted STAFF without the proper permit shall be cited.
9.9 No person shall leave any animals or minor children unattended in a vehicle.
9.10 Parking in metered parking areas requires the payment of the correct fee as posted.
9.11 All vehicles parked on campus must be currently registered with DMV and have proper display of license plates.
9.12 Any vehicle found displaying a parking permit that has been reported lost or stolen will be cited for possession of such a permit.



Rev. 5/2/18

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