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Submit an Alternate (In-Lieu) FLEX Schedule Proposal

Review the preceding guidelines before completing an alternate (in-lieu) flex proposal.  Alternate scheduling proposals are due to the dean/first-level manager as early as possible and at least two (2) weeks prior to the flex day.  Late and incomplete proposals will not be considered. Download in-lieu form. word filenew window

To request an alternate (in-lieu) flex schedule, please submit a proposal with the above title which includes the following:

  1. A description of the proposed flex activities and objectives that relate to California flexible calendar guidelines (staff, student, and/or instructional improvement).
  1. Department, school, or college critical need addressed by the proposed activity.
  1. An explanation of why the activity needs to occur outside the scheduled flex day.
  1. Names of participant(s) with extensions and departments, specifying a lead contact person for the proposal.
  1. A breakdown of the activities for each participant along with the number of flex hours estimated for each activity, including proposed dates and times.  (These activities need to be scheduled on your own time, not during contracted days and hours.)
  1. Expected measurable outcomes for the proposed activities.  (This is necessary for meeting state accountability requirements.)
  1. A method and timeframe for sharing the results of the activity with an appropriate identified group of faculty or others.
  1. Signature of the faculty member.
  1. Dean/first-level manager’s signature approving the proposal.
  1. Submit to the Office of Professional Development.
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