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Meet the Staff

David Park
David Park

I grew up in Orange County, California, and lived in both Northern and Southern California. One of my earliest job out of university was processing thousands of I-20 forms and evaluating international transcripts for a large university. I thought the job would be short-term, but it led to a fantastic career in global education! Seeing students come to the US and our college to fulfill their dreams is a wonderful privilege. I have a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Imperial College London in the UK.

Why Chaffey?
Affordable, accessible, and high quality! Another advantage is our location in beautiful Rancho Cucamonga. Yes, the name sounds funny but it's one of the most pleasant places to live in Southern California.

International Student Advice:
Try to think about your transfer destinations early so you can have a solid academic plan. Be sure to purchase your health insurance so your class registration will not be blocked.

Food: Korean and Mexican
Mobile App: Flipboard
Role Model: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Saba Kazmi
Saba Kazmi

I have been working in higher education since 1997 and a member of NAFSA since 1999. I have extensive experience with immigration rules and regulations and currently serve as our Designated School Official (DSO) to help our international students with their F-1 status questions. My passion is to assist students with their educational and occupational goals, and I cherish the many great relationships established with students from all over the globe. I'm bilingual in English and Urdu, and I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of La Verne.

Why Chaffey?
We're a top 10 community college in the nation, and you can transfer to a 4-year university with ease!

International Student Advice:
Make sure to plan early and follow through. Think carefully about various majors but don't be too quick to change often as it will cost time and money.

Food: Thai, Chinese, and Indian
Hobbies: Daily walk and gym, watching a good movie or favorite program, and traveling around the world.

Carolina Escobar Palacio
Carolina Escobar Palacio
Student Staff

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Major: Biotechnology / Psychobiology

I am the oldest of three sisters and all of us are in the US as international students. My academic goal is to transfer to UCLA for my undergraduate studies, attend medical school, and complete my residency in the field of neuroscience. I came to Chaffey after completing the final 1.5 years of high school in America.

Why Chaffey?
To save some time, money, and then transfer to a 4-year university. I chose Chaffey because most of the classes I will take here will count towards lower division credits at other universities.

International Student Advice:
Don't let English be a barrier in your education! When I was learning English, I felt discouraged many times because my skills didn't seem to improve, and I didn't understand some things or had trouble expressing my thoughts. However, with time and practice, my English is now great and I can understand the language 100%. So if you're still somewhat new to the language, please keep going no matter how difficult it looks right now.

Spot in Rancho Cucamonga: I like views so Etiwanda hiking trail or Mt Baldy (not exactly in Rancho but close)
Class at Chaffey College: STAT-10 Elementary Statistics and BIO-61 Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology.
Food: Ramen
Website: Netflix
Movie: Prisoners
Musical Performer: Anderson Paak
Book: The Name of the Rose

Rushil Gumasana
Rushil Gumasana
Student Staff

Hometown: Kisumu, Kenya

Major: Nursing / Physiotherapy

Why Chaffey?
After already developing an interest to study in Southern California, I was recommended by one of my brother's friends who was already studying at Chaffey. Our main campus is located in Rancho Cucamonga - a beautiful, quiet and, most importantly, a safe city in California.

International Student Advice:
Make friends, talk to other students in your class, and help each other out!
It's a completely different world here, and you're not expected to know everything. The International Student Center is here to help you through obstacles you face, be it educational or personal.

Class at Chaffey: BIOL-22 Human Anatomy and BIOL-23 Human Physiology
Food: Burgers, seafood, and Indian
Website: National Geographic
Movie: Fight Club
Musical Performer: Kodaline
Book: The Silence of the Lambs
Quote: "Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right."




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