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Budgets & Budget Justifications

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Balanced Budget

The budget is a line item account of the costs required to conduct the services, activities and/or research of the proposed project. The budget includes direct costs related to the project, facilities and administrative costs (F&A a.k.a. indirect costs) and committed cost-sharing.

Costs must be directly related to the performance and activities of the project and deemed allowable by the sponsor, Chaffey College policy and OMB Circular A-21.

Cost estimates should be based on real-time estimates from bids/quotes, catalog prices, online retailers/services, Chaffey College vendor agreements and/or historical or current costs. For multi-year budgets, escalation costs for non-personnel expenditures should be calculated at 3% per year.

Budget Categories

Salaries & Wages

Materials and Supplies
Participant Support Costs
Other Direct Costs
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs

Budget Justification

The Budget Justification is a detailed narrative description of costs requested in the budget. The Budget Justification provides specific details regarding the estimated costs. For example, a line item for Personnel will include a single total for all personnel paid through the grant. The Budget Justification describes how many people will work on the grant along with the percentage of their effort or number of hour and a brief description of the work each position or individual will perform.

It is important to follow the budget categories and order specified by the sponsor on their budget forms. If your proposal budget does not include some categories (i.e. construction, participant support costs, etc.) include the line item but indicate these costs will not be associated with the project.


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