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fund a dream

The Fund-A-Dream program is a great way for businesses to invest in their own workforce, helping to bridge the gap between basic education and actual career preparedness. The program allows business owners to provide the necessary funds to for individuals to receive training in specific trades - such as nursing, health care, graphic design, computer technology, construction, and automobile and aviation repair

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  • (n) community-based scholarship program focused on workforce prep in key industries, not based solely on earning a degree (certificate, professional development, etc.)

  • (v) the act of providing the necessary funds to for individuals to receive training in specific trades, such as (graphic design), (construction), (automobile and aviation repair) and nursing)

No one will argue with the value of education - all of us see that education changes lives by creating opportunity, and we realize that works to create a positive effect in the community at-large. However, there is a gap between employer expectations and student preparedness:
  1. Research has shown that 70% of San Bernardino County high school students will graduate, yet only 14% of those graduates proceed directly into a college, university or trade school.

  2. The remaining 86% of graduates, plus those that drop out before graduation, make up the bulk of the workforce pool - receiving specific training through their employer.

  3. What that means: 90% of HS students do not receive advanced general education (critical thinking, communication, etc.) and are not completely prepared to enter the workforce.
Without a programs like Fund-A-Dream helping to bridge the gap, the burden of job training AND general education is placed on the employer.


What makes the Fund-A-Dream program unique?

In the Fund-A-Dream program, participating businesses (DreamMakers) sponsor a student for one year with a $1,000 tax-deductible investment. The funds may be designated by the DreamMaker to benefit Chaffey College students in targeted specific trades, industries, and educational programs -including certifications and licensing courses.

As a DreamMaker, you'll receive semi-annual updates and progress reports so you see the true, overall value of your investment. Plus, sponsors and students can connect for internships, on-the-job training, etc.

What are the benefits for my company?

Participation in the Fund-A-Dream program insures a positive return on your tax-deductible investment by creating a highly-skilled, well-trained local workforce in your company-specific industry. Your investment trains your employees.

The Fund-A-Dream program also allows you to discover the hidden talents and interests of your employees, building loyalty and promoting personal enrichment.

Along with the bottom-line benefits, your company also will receive the following recognition for participation in the Fund-A-Dream program:
  • Membership in the DreamMaker Society, an exclusive group of local business owners who made a commitment to workforce preparation * DreamMaker Society display plaque with year

  • Personal ''Thank You'' from the Chaffey College student your investment sponsors

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a meaningful contribution to the development of a well-trained, well-rounded workforce in the Inland Empire!
We have thousands of qualified and deserving students just waiting for someone to fund their dreams. With over 7,000 registered businesses in the local community, we look forward to the day each business Funds just one dream - imagine the results!


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