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If you don’t see your major or career listed, contact the Chaffey College Career Center or Counseling Department:

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Faculty Advising

Faculty Advisor

robin ikeda
Robin Ikeda
Biology & Pre-Health
CHMB-220 (Chino)

(909) 652-8012


Following spotty performances in primary, middle, and secondary school, I was encouraged by my oldest sister’s enticing stories about the rich intellectual life at Chaffey College. So, I graduated from high school a year early and enrolled at Chaffey. I was delighted to find challenging courses, taught by professors with an unshakable belief in their students’ abilities. These professors invested enormous thought and energy in the support of students’ training in the thinking and skills of their disciplines. My exposure to zoology and field biology at Chaffey, and the inviting, humanistic attitudes of my professors, met my own deep desire to pursue meaningful work that would take me into the outdoors. I decided that, rather than training to become a medical missionary, I would much rather pursue biology—maybe college teaching.

I earned a Master’s Degree in biology, and married my best pal, Mark (also a biologist, who I met at Chaffey). In 1980, when there were no jobs at community colleges, our daughter, Dana, was born. In the same year, I landed my first full-time job as a high school teacher, and quickly fell in love with high school students.

Eighteen years later, I landed a teaching job at Chaffey, fulfilling my dream of being a community college professor. Although I still miss high school students, I love college students dearly. Community college professors have the privilege of working within a crucible of growth and positive impact. The work is terrifically rewarding and affords lots of opportunities for me to pay forward the gifts I was given at Chaffey: inclusion, high expectations, inspiration, scholarly discipline; above all, the ability to reflect all the best that is in students, that they cannot yet see in themselves.

For my photo, I chose an image of myself as a college student, just before my 21st birthday. There were crossroads in many directions, few of which I saw; and my path seemed narrower than it actually was. Faculty advisors showed me how to look around; how to navigate and explore the landscape on which I could make a career.


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