Workshops and Seminars

Faculty at all three Chaffey College campuses can attend seminars and workshops organized by the Faculty Success Center throughout the academic year. Registration is not required and faculty located in Chino and Fontana may access these events via teleconferencing upon request. Some seminars pay $25 per hour to participants. Past topics have included “Fostering Communication Online,” “Improv Teaching,” “Makerspace: Experiential Learning” and “Accessible Powerpoints.”

Faculty who complete five Faculty Success Center workshops in the academic year earn a certificate.

Professional Opportunity for Dialogue (POD)

A POD is a group of faculty who commit to meet once a month to explore a topic related to teaching and learning. POD members may choose to read an article or book together and/or share best practices or implement innovative practices and share results. PODs will present their findings at a workshop in the FSC or at FLEX after completing the experience.

Faculty Summer Institute (FSI)

The Faculty Summer Institute (FSI) is an interactive and practical opportunity for faculty to collaborate with each other regarding promising practices that promote student success.

Keep an eye on this page for future FSI events.

Faculty Inquiry Team

2017 - 2018

Guided Pathways: Transforming The College Journey

2016 - 2017

Bridging the Gap: Helping New Students Transition from High School to College (Canceled)

2015 - 2016

Panthers Taking the Leap: Promoting Success in First-Generation College Students

2014 - 2015

Student Pathways - From Imagination to Reality: Building Students’ Capacity for Goal Attainment

2013 - 2014

Perceptions and Experiences in Learning Math

Perceptions and Experiences in Reading and Writing across the Curriculum

2012 - 2013

Faculty/Student Engagement Outside the Classroom

2011 - 2012

Accelerated Learning

Distance Education

Success on Demand (SoD)

In order to provide faculty ‘on demand’ support for instructional strategies and practices, we have made past workshops available online in Canvas (FSC Hub). These workshops do not have the discussion boards/postings activated, but all of the content is active and accessible.

Workshops include:

  • New Faculty Orientation – available to all new full-time faculty
  • FLEX – Only adjunct (part-time) faculty will receive credit for this online activity for FLEX
  • Faculty Summer Institute - Available to registered participants. The general format will enable participants to engage as scholar-educators throughout each day's curriculum. These sessions will focus on practical and concrete strategies that instructors can use with students. Regular small group interaction incorporated into each session will provide ongoing dialogue opportunities within and outside each participant’s disciplines and schools.
  • Innovation Gallery – Innovation Gallery: Learning Students’ Names (spring 2016)