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To use our services, a simple e-mail request, or phone message, is sufficient.

The college uses many forms to request services. Below are listed some that are closely related to the Electronic Media Department:

Event Announcement

Printing Services Request




Graphic Artists Guild


Section 508


electronic media head

The Chaffey College Electronic Media department, a wing of the Marketing and Public Relations department, is responsible for development and operation of the primary Chaffey World Wide Web presence and provides a variety of services in areas related to graphic design and communication. Evolved from the graphic services department over the past ten years, the electronic media department serves a large role in the development and presentation of the college visual image within the college and the community it serves.

 Web Site Management


Development of, and oversight of compliance with, the college web page development guidelines is an important task of the department staff. The guidelines are available for download with this link:

       Web Page Development Guide (PDF)

Some of the department services may be requested using the online Event Announcement form. The description of this form and procedures related to it are available with this link:

    Event Announcement Form Procedures (PDF)


Separate from the college MIS and Information Technology services, the Electronic Media department maintains several servers to support the Internet and intranet needs of the district. These servers house image files and data for publication development, host the college administrative web sites, and host the employee telephone directory. Department staff are responsible for hardware, software and user account management for these servers.


The Electronic Media department is a full-service graphic design facility that employs a variety of tools to generate audio and visual content for publication to network devices. The staff members and vendor services used are skilled in the visual arts as well as in the development of code necessary for effective and dynamic web site experiences.


This department is the clearing house for e-mail directed to Mail coming to this account is scanned and routed to an appropriate department for response.

 Presentation Graphics


We develop images and presentations for use in PowerPoint and Keynote tools, as well as for use in projects delivered via CD/ROM and DVD. Using a variety of motion graphic and sound editing tools, we prepare advertisements for several types of community delivery outlets.

 Print Graphics


This office is responsible for the design and development a wide variety of projects that will be duplicated once, or in multiples, through various reproduction processes. Adjunct to the Marketing Department, we prepare graphic design services for print production, sign manufacture, and collateral marketing tools.

 Identity Systems

This department develops and monitors the college logo, seal, maps, signage, and related components of the college visual identity. Along with the marketing and graphic services staff, the electronic media staff members work to ensure appropriate use of the college symbols, colors, fonts and imagery by all college and vendor personnel.

 Chaffey Cable Information Channel

Content for the closed-circuit television information channel is developed by the electronic media department staff members on a regular basis. This content is also available on the News and Media Resources page.

 College News Portal and RSS Feeds

Content for the college web-based news portal is developed and posted by the electronic media and public information staff members on a regular basis. Information may be submitted with the web-based Event Announcement form.

 Telephone On-Hold Messages

Content for the college telephone on-hold system is developed and posted by the electronic media and marketing staff members on a regular basis. Information may be submitted with the web-based Event Announcement form.

 Media Resource Archives

Images and files related to print, web, and desktop publication are loosely archived in various locations. Web-based collections of images can be found here:

Fonts — The Chaffey College name is set in the font ITC Friz Quadrata, never using the bold version and never italicized. This font is available for purchase from many sources. A derivation that includes the college logo in the Shift-6 position is available from the list reached from this link:

      PostScript Type 1 – best for all uses, especially offset printing
            Windows (.zip)
            Macintosh (.sit)
            ASCII/UNIX (.tgiz)

      TrueType – An inconsistent format, only for use on desktop printers
            Windows (.zip)

      OpenType – A recent format that is supported by only a few applications
            OpenType (.zip)

Line Art — logos, symbols, fonts

server data


interior design

 web policy

theatre slide

ccfc sign

directory cover

 web directory

rss site (Requires an RSS viewer)

archive site

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