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The Chaffey College Dance program provides a two-year program of academic study and training in dance for students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree in Dance and/or transferring to a four-year university or other institution, as well as preparation for careers in the commercial dance field or related fields. The wide-ranged curricula, providing a practical and theoretical dance foundation, offers professional technical training, choreographic inquiry and study, performance/production opportunities, and historical and cultural studies of dance. The series of core courses and electives, including dance history and appreciation, ballet, modern, jazz, and tap techniques, ballroom dance forms, hip hop/commercial dance, as well as movement for the stage, provides foundational training and skills for further study of dance and preparation for careers in dance or dance-related fields. For students emphasizing choreography and/or performance, the program also provides artistic development and training through improvisational and compositional studies, and dance performance and repertory studies. The main stage dance concerts and musicals, informal performances, and technical coursework provide opportunities for students to experience the creative process as part of their course of study. Critical thinking, problem solving, and expressive communication competencies through dance study, and the conceptual and physical application of dance training will enable the dance student to extend knowledge and skills to numerous subject areas and fields of study. These areas include teaching careers for those desiring to be instructors in public schools (K-12), private studios, health and fitness gyms and spas, special and adult education programs, day care centers, and recreation programs; performance-related careers in theatrical, television, and film production as performers and choreographers; dance administration, public relations, and arts council; dance therapy; dance critic, historian, and researcher; stage manager; events coordinator; and designer.

Major requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree
DANCE 1 Survey of Dance 3
DANCE 4A Ballet IA 1.5
DANCE 4B Ballet IB 1.5
DANCE 6A Ballet IIA 1.5
DANCE 6B Ballet IIB 1.5
DANCE 10A Jazz Dance I A 1
DANCE 10B Jazz Dance I B 1
DANCE 20A Modern Dance 1A 1
DANCE 20B Modern Dance 1B 1
DANCE 30A Tap Dance IA 1
DANCE 50A Jazz Dance IA 1
DANCE 50B Jazz Dance IB 1
DANCE 400 Hip Hop Dance 1
DANCE 420 Social Dance 1

Plus one course from the following:
DANCE 30B Tap Dance IB 1
THEATRE 10 Beginning Acting 3

Plus one course from the following:
DANCE 42 Dance Production 3
THEATRE 50 Main Stage Production Workshop I 3

Plus two courses from the following:
DANCE 2 Stage Movement
(also available as THEATRE 2)
DANCE 60A Tap Dance IIA 1
DANCE 60B Tap Dance IIB 1
THEATRE 12 Intermediate Acting 3
Total units for the major

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