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Botany of Desire, PBS website

Michael Pollan, author, Botany of Desire

What Chaffey Eats

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Chaffey College

Farm and Food Related Organizations

Guerrilla Gardening

American Community Gardening Association

Let’s Move, First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to raise a healthier generation! Food Movement

The Whole Plate Curriculum Project

Beginning Farmers

Food Not Lawns International

Fritz Haeg, Edible Estates

Fallen Fruit, LA-based artists collective

Farm Together Now! Book and blog

Food, Inc.

Food and Water Watch

The Vertical Farm

Educational and Training Programs in Sustainable Agriculture

Woolly Pocket Vertical Gardens/school garden curriculum

The Ethicurian

Raw Food World

Seeds of Change organic gardening

National Family Farm Coalition

Food & Water Watch Org

Family Farm Defenders

The Vertical Farm

The Whole Plate


Food Democracy Now!

Fair Food Across Borders

La Via Campesina International Peasant Movement

EcoFarm Ecological Farming Association

Slow Food

Rodale Institute

Local Harvest

Factory Farm Map

Food & Water Watch Resources and Food Reports

United States Department of Agriculture

USDA The Census of Agriculture

Institute For Agriculture and Trade Policy

The National Agriculture Law Center Farm Bill Defense

Grain Organization

The Land Institute

Center for Rural Affairs

Coalition for Immokalee Workers

United Farm Workers

National Farmers Union

Fair Trade Federation

Heifer International

Green For All

Chelsea Green Publishing

Food Chain Workers

Authors and Artists

Mark Menjivar, You Are What You Eat photographic series

Barbara Kingsolver, author

LMK Fisher, author

Mark Bittman

Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky

Vandana Shiva

Frances Moore Lappe

Sandor Katz

Ben Logan

Bryant Terry

Raj Patel

Lisa M. Hamilton

Christopher Cook

Mike Davis

Anna Lappe

Claire Pentecost

Nance Klehm

Devon G. Peña

Joel Salatin

Rebecca Solnit

Future Farmers

Heather Flores

Barry Commoner

Joan Gussow

Heather Rogers

Upton Sinclair

Marion Nestle

Kristin Kimball

Documentary and Documentarians

Cooking Up A Story

From The Ground Up

The Urban Homestead Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City

Farm Run

Fresh The Movie

Fork Tales

The Green Horns

Five Farms Stories From American Farm Families

The Future of Food

Cultivating A Movement

Alternative Farming Information Center’s Youtube Channel

Audio – Video – Barn of Illinois

Heart and Soil

The Garden

The Real Dirt On Farmer John

Growing Awareness

Growing Roots

Farmer Jane

Queen Farmer Project

Above The Pavement

Mini Farming

Backyard Homestead

Fair Food Across Borders

King Corn

Big River

The Gleaners and I

Other Blogs

Food Democracy Now! Blog

The People Who Feed Us

Edible Communities Publication

CNN Eatocracy

Food Politics

Beginning Farmers

City Farmer

Root Simple

La Vida Locavore

Civil Eats

Living Liberally Eating Liberally

The Ethicurean Chew the Right Thing



Take A Bite

Food Politics

Urban Homestead

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