Tunes from Around the World

Every human culture has music, just as each has language. Music is an expressive language of culture and is a universal feature of the human experience.


Song Artist Country/Cultural Origin Submitter's Name Chaffey Affiliation IEW Submission Year
Thit Sar Ma Pyat Kyay Ni Ni Khin Zaw Myanmar Naychi Shein Student 2020
The Last Saskatchewan Pirate Captain Tractor Saskatchewan, Canada Kaylee Bjarnason Student 2020
Pagtingin Ben & Ben Philippines Genesaret Corpus Student 2020
El Condor Pasa Los Calchakis Peru Carlos Lequerica Staff 2020
Me Sabe a Peru Grupo Niche Peru Carlos Lequerica Staff 2020
Meu Abrigo Melim Brazil Talia Olivares Student 2021
Zafar La Vela Puerca Uruguay Talia Olivares Student 2021
Candombe de Hoy Hugo Fattorusso and Ruben Rada Uruguay Mikaela Roel Perez Student 2021
Como la Flor  Selena Quintanilla Mexico Citlaly Cruz Student 2021