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Eric Bishop
Vice President

Admissions & Records
Kathy Lucero
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Career Center
Alisha Serrano
Interim Director
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Cashier's Office
Jenae Yarnall
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Counseling & Matriculation
Amy Nevarez
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Ricardo Diaz
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Amy Nevarez
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Diana Sanchez
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Financial Aid
Patricia Bopko
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International Students
Saba Kazmi
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Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics
Dr. Michael McClellan
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Special Populations & Equity Programs
Adrienne Grayson
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Student Discipline
Christopher Brunelle
Dean of Student Life
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Student Health Services
Kay Peek
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Student Life
Christopher Brunelle
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Transfer Center
Ruth-Ann Garcia
Interim Director
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Transitional Services
Lorena Corona
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Hours of Operation
For a list of the standard student services department hours of operation, click here.

Student Services Strategic Themes

The six strategic themes establish the division's overall direction and articulate the framework through which individual and collective action can be imagined and acted upon by linking departmental and divisional goals and action plans to stated strategic intent.

• To promote robust and impactful partnerships across four dimensions:
  • Instruction
  • Off-site Campus/Centers
  • High Schools and 4 year colleges
  • Community
• To ensure student access, promote student success, advance student equity, and foster community, connectedness, and belonging.

• To imagine bold and “humanistic” uses of technology to deliver services to students, faculty and staff; and to enhance Student Services Web presence.

• To promote Student Learning Outcomes as foundational to assessment and service effectiveness.

• To promote student centeredness and leadership excellence through a vigorous professional development plan that includes building teams and building people.

• To ensure a facilities planning process that integrates student-centered services into the new Student Services/Administration building, the Campus Center, and the New Gymnasium.

A Commitment To Our Principles

Student Services Division at Chaffey College as a whole and as committed individuals strives for excellence through a student-centered philosophy that emphasizes innovative thinking, modeling of positive behaviors, mentoring, and student advocacy. Our tenets serve as fundamental operational principles and help shape our decisions and actions. They infuse individual and collective action with clarity of purpose, meaning, and inspiration, and are the common thread that binds us as a division. The adopted tenets transcend individual job descriptions and departmental mission statements and illuminate the ideals to which the division strives.

tenets symbol smallStudent-Centered Philosophy. The student-centered philosophy is a mindset that places the student at the center of our focus. It is a paradigm in which students and their success serve as the driving force behind decisions. We create validating and welcoming environments conducive to student learning and our students feel a sense of belonging to the Chaffey community. We empower students, focus on the whole person, serve as allies and advocates, and create opportunities for students to develop as individuals and leaders. We continuously ask: How will our students benefit and are students better served?

tenets symbol smallIntegrity: Integrity is demonstrated when we value honesty, are authentic in our interactions, take personal responsibility for our commitments, and demonstrate congruence between what we say and do. Integrity is also shown when we align our actions with our core beliefs and stand up for what we believe in. We value accountability, responsibility, and sincerity. We can be counted on to do the right thing.

tenets symbol smallInter/connectedness: Inter/connectedness exists when we are united with others in purpose, when we build and maintain positive relationships, when students feel a sense of belongingness and pride, and when we achieve our goals through collaboration, teamwork, open communication, information sharing, and mutual respect. To be inter/connected is to recognize that we need each other to succeed and includes the courage to transcend one's own view and perspective by seeing things through the eyes of another.

tenets symbol smallInnovation: To be innovative is to be driven by a passion to improve, enhance, or expand our services to meet emerging needs. We encourage and support those who seek out new ways and approaches to solve current problems, seize upon emerging possibilities, or avert impending threats. We value experimentation, and possibility thinking. We encourage the dreamers who do!

tenets symbol smallQuality: Quality is achieved when we hold each other and our students to high standards and high expectations. Quality is an outcome that is achieved when we provide personal attention beyond what is sufficient, when we follow through on commitments, and when we set a standard for excellence. Getting by is just not good enough so we are passionate about continuous improvement. There's always a service we can add, a process to streamline or a new technology that can be introduced to enable us to make a difference in the lives of students. We value quality contact, quality process, and quality outcomes.

tenets symbol smallRichness of Diversity & Social Justice: Diversity and social justice means that we have a deep passionate ambition to help students use education as a means of transcending socioeconomic barriers and to achieve self-actualization through satisfying careers and life long learning. We hold on to the belief that each student can transcend their current life circumstances and to achieve their highest calling. Diversity and Justice are grounded in the belief that differences in people and diverse points of view are valuable and that everyone can make a difference. It also includes appreciating the multiple identities and subjectivities that each of us brings to the educational enterprise. We embody belief in diversity and justice when we are inclusive of people, we recognize our similarities through our humanity, we embrace our differences through mutual respect, and we move beyond tolerance and acceptance to active support and advocacy.

Download the Commitment to Our Principles brochure in PDF format

Student Services Monitoring Report

Student Centered Philosophy





Richness of Diversity & Social Justice


Reporting an Academic Violation

Academic Integrity Violation Form

Reporting a Behavior Violation

Behavior Code Violation Form

Student Conduct Warning Form

Student Grievance Process

Statement of Grievance Form

Request for Grievance Hearing Form

Violation and Sanction Definitions

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