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Chaffey Software Bank

The Office of Professional Development and the Professional Development Committee realize that there is a need for faculty to use various software programs that are specific to work in their disciplines in order to improve instruction and student success.  We also realize that many times, there are no funds to buy this needed software. For that reason, the Software Bank has been created. Faculty have the opportunity to apply for funding to purchase the needed software.

Professional Development software bank funding will be awarded to requests that increase the applicant’s abilities to meet institutional and professional development goals, and that meet one or more of the criteria listed on the application form.  Funding will be limited to a first-come, first-serve basis and will be provided only if other sources of funding (for example, through your department’s budget) are not available.

This program is for faculty only.

Software Bank Funding Application Process

Step 1:  Determine what software would best suit your instructional needs, and determine if that software is compatible with your current computer specifications.
Step 2: Make sure there are no funds available in your department or school.
Step 3: Find the lowest price for the software:
  1. If you are ordering Adobe or Microsoft software, call the Help Desk to determine the lowest price.  Chaffey has group discounts for these corporations

  2. If your software is other than these, go to Computerland of Silicon Valley ( and follow the instructions.  You should follow the “If you are purchasing products that will be owned and for use by a college, university, or an educational institution, start here.” Section.
Step 4: Fill out the software bank application form.
in Word word file  ||  in PDF pdf file
Step 5: Submit the form to the Office of Professional Development.
Step 6: Once approved, you will be notified by the Office of Professional Development. You will then need to ask the support staff in your department to fill out a requisition in Datatel.  The Office of Professional Development will then supply the support staff with a budget number on the requisition for the software.
Step 7: The Software will be delivered to Purchasing.  It will then go to ITS, where a copy of the software will be made and filed (in case you lose the original).
Step 8: The original media will be sent to your department.  At that point, you will be notified by your department of its availability.
Step 9: When your employment with Chaffey ceases, you will be required to return the media to your department.
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