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FLEX Activities FAQ

Am I required to participate in flex activities? 

Yes, each contract/regular bargaining unit member has the obligation to attend the college’s first scheduled general staff and unit meetings at the beginning of the fall term as well as professional development activities scheduled for January (CCFA Article 17, Sections 17.3).

How many hours per day am I required to participate in flex activities?

One day equals 4-7 hours, so you must participate in a minimum of four hours of flex activities in a day for it to count as one of your service day obligations.

What do I have to do on designated flex days? 

Your school/department and the Office of Professional Development are planning activities in compliance with the CCFA agreement.  A list of activities which can fulfill your flex obligation(s) are included in this booklet.  Contact your dean, first level manager, or CCFA President with any questions you may have.

Is it permissible for me to do other duties on scheduled flex days for flex credit instead of participating in scheduled flex activities (i.e. scheduled workshops and meetings) on campus? 

These flex obligations can also be met during scheduled flex days by engaging in such activities (outside of scheduled workshops and meetings) as: technology training; individual or small group projects designed to improve courses or programs; staff development activities such as discussion groups on student learning outcomes and learning resource services; department activities focusing on improving instruction; related activities such as student advising, guidance, orientation, matriculation services and student, faculty and staff diversity; and activities to promote wellness and collegiality.  These activities must occur on campus unless an off-campus activity has been authorized by the faculty member’s dean.

Must adjunct faculty participate in flex activities in 2007-08? 

Maybe.  Only credit, part-time instructional faculty who have scheduled class or classes on Fridays during spring term 2008 are required to participate in flex activities on Friday, January 11, 2008.  However, adjunct faculty are not expected to participate in scheduled flex activity hours that are ABOVE the maximum number of hours required of a contract/regular faculty member (4-7 activity hours constitute one flex day).

These flex requirements are established for the 2007-08 academic year only.  If you have any questions about your flex obligations, please contact your dean, first level manager, or Bret McMurran (CCFA President).

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