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School Specific Activity Codes

To be entered on Flex Activity Form for School or Department Meetings

001 Adjunct Faculty Orientation
002 Curriculum
003 Emerging Programs & Issues
004 Facilities Issues
005 Improving Department/Program Institutional Effectiveness by increasing understanding, sensitivity, commitment to, meeting the needs of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability & ethnic backgrounds of students and staff (e.g., diversity, communication, stress reduction, dealing with difficult people, etc.)
006 Laboratory Activities
007 Long-Range Planning
008 Matriculation
009 Program Accreditation
010 Program Review
011 Program Specific Orientations for Faculty (e.g., Writing Center, Library, Counseling, Tutoring, Interdisciplinary Centers, etc.)
012 Program Specific Training (e.g., CPR, OSHA, HAZMAT, Substance Abuse, Disaster Preparedness, etc.)
013 Scheduling
014 School or Department Meetings
015 Staffing Issues
016 Student Success Issues (e.g., Transitions, Retention, Intervention, Services, Learning Theories, etc.
017 Technology (e.g., Web Page, Software, Projectors, Visualizers, VCRs, Computers, Scantrons, etc.
018 College wide Initiatives (e.g., Partnership for Excellence, Basic Skills Report, CalWorks, etc.)
019 Innovative Pedagogical Methodologies (Classroom Assessment Techniques, Ethics Across the Curriculum, Service Learning, Collaborative Techniques, SCANS, Learning Theories, Brain Research, G.I.F.T.S., Teaching Demonstrations, etc.)

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