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There are currently eight law schools in the law pathway initiative:


As part of the law pathway initiative, Chaffey College has a special relationship with the participating law schools and their universities.

It is important to note, however, that Chaffey College students are not limited to these law schools. Cal-LAW Scholars may apply to any undergraduate institution and/or law school that they want to attend. They are not limited to the participating law schools/universities, but the Cal-LAW Scholar benefits will be available only at the participating schools.

Participation in the law pathway initiative or earning a Pathway to Law School certificate at Chaffey College does not guarantee admission to any participating university or law school. Students must meet all Cal-LAW Scholar requirements, successfully apply for admission and transfer to one of the participating universities to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Students must also successfully apply for admission and be accepted to a participating law school.

For more information about Pre-Law Studies contact:
David Karp, Professor, Business and Business Law at 909/652-6846 or
Abel Chen, Professor Business, Business Law, Paralegal at 909/652-6847

Rev. 5/30/18

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