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Mathematics Course Descriptions

   MATH 4
Mathematical Concepts for Elementary School Teachers 4 units CSU; UC
   MATH 25
College Algebra 4 units  
   MATH 31
Plane Trigonometry 4 units  
   MATH 60
Calculus with Applications 4 units  
   MATH 61
Pre-Calculus 4 units  
   MATH 65A
Calculus I 4 units  
   MATH 65B
Calculus II 4 units  
   MATH 75
Caluclus III 4 units  
   MATH 81
Linear Algebra    
   MATH 85
Differential Equations    
   MATH 90A
Mathematics Honors Seminar 1 unit  
   MATH 92A-H
Special Topics: Mathematics 0.5 - 6 units  
   MATH 401
Mathematics for Health Sciences 1 unit  
   MATH 410
Elementary Algebra 4 units  
   MATH 411
Re-Entry Review of Elementary Algebra 2 units  
   MATH 425
Intermediate Algebra 4 units  
   MATH 426
Re-Entry Review of Intermediate Algebra 2 units  
   MATH 430
Geometry 4 units  
   MATH 504
Basic Operations of Arithmetic 4 units  
   MATH 510
Arithmetic 4 units  
   MATH 521
Re-Entry Review of Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra 2 units  
   MATH 592LA-H
Special Topics: Basic Mathematics 0.5 - 6 units  
   MATH 610
Preparation for the Study of Algebra 0 units  

Chaffey College Mathematics Department Update

(PDF) Dear Students,

As you may have heard the Mathematics Department is making changes to its pre-transfer courses this upcoming Fall 2018 semester. We in the math department hope that this transition is going to help you succeed in your math courses and more importantly help you complete your transfer level math requirement in a timely manner.

With the new law that has passed at the state level, everyone currently at Chaffey College will be eligible for a 400-level course in the fall. We have three new 400-level courses for you to choose from. What you need for transfer or to complete your local degree or certificate should determine which course you take. If you are planning on going into a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math), or need Math 25, then Math 450 (Intermediate Algebra: A Critical Thinking Approach) is the course for you. If instead what you need is a statistics class (either Stat 10 or SCSI 10) or plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, then the course you need is Math 420 (Essentials of Intermediate Algebra). Either of these two courses will satisfy the math requirement for an associate degree. If you want to meet your transfer requirement without developing your algebra skills and you are skilled at reading for strong comprehension, then Math 417 (Statway I) plus Math 17 (Statway II) are the courses for you. You will need both Math 417 and 17 to satisfy the math requirement for an associate degree.

In an effort to better support our students at the 400-level courses, the math department has also created companion courses Math 642 and 645 for 420 and 450, respectively, that will provide just in time review of the prerequisite content for the intermediate algebra courses. If you believe that you might be overwhelmed with the math content in the 400-level courses, we also have courses that take a step back to provide a better mathematical foundation for success for our students. Those courses are Math 650 and 550 which are completely optional and not required as a prerequisite for you to take the new 400-level courses. Math 650 can also serve as background/preparation for any course up to Math 65A.

We have created the following charts to provide some guidance as to what you should consider enrolling in for the fall.
Again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a counselor, or a math instructor!

If you took the placement exam, but have yet to take a math class:
If you placed into: The Math Department Recommends:
Math 605 Math 650/Math 550/Math 417
Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 520 Math 550/Math 417
Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 410 Math 417/Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 425 Math 420/Math 450

If you have taken and passed the following course:
If you passed: The Math Department Recommends:
Math 605 Math 550/Math 417/
Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 520 Math 417/Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 410 Math 420/Math 450


If you were unsuccessful in your last math course:
If you took and did not pass: The Math Department Recommends:
Math 605 Math 650/Math 550/Math 417
Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 520 Math 550/Math 417
Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 410 Math 417/Math 420 (w/642)/Math 450 (w/645)
Math 425 Math 420/Math 450


The Fall 2018 Math changes are also explained in the following video:

For further information please call or e-mail;

Mathematics Department Co-Coordinator:
Jeff Brouwer (909) 652 - 6430,
John Fay (909) 652 - 6436,

Dean of the School of Mathematics and Science:
Ted Younglove (909) 652 - 6402,

Rev. 5/3/18

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