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Associate in Science: Engineering

This curriculum provides students with sufficient understanding of engineering concepts
and skills for attainment of upper-division status in engineering in a four-year college or
university. For the non-transfer student, this curriculum should be of value in attaining
employment at the level of technician. The California Engineering Liaison Committee
urges transfer students to remain in the community college until completion of lower-
division requirements in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering, insofar as
those courses are offered.

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Apply the laws of electricity and mechanics appropriately as needed for engineering.

  2. Apply laws of physical and chemical properties of materials appropriately in relation
    to the effective design of buildings and products.

  3. Apply computer-programming language to solve practical engineering problems.

  4. Effectively, display information graphically and employ graphics as a fundamental
    thought process in drawing and design.

  5. Increase problem solving skills and critical thinking in engineering.

  6. Conduct laboratory experiments and apply their understanding of theory to the use
    and operation of electrical test equipment.
Major requirements for the Associate in Science Degree  
ENGIN 11 Introduction to Engineering 2
MATH 65A Calculus I 4
MATH 65B Calculus II 4
PHYS 45 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I 5
PHYS 46 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II 5
PHYS 47 Physics for Scientists and Engineers III 5
Plus three courses from the following:
ENGIN 26 Engineering Graphics and CAD 3
ENGIN 30 Engineering Application of Digital Computation 3
ENGIN 50 Engineering Statics 3
ENGIN 52 Engineering Dynamics 3
ENGIN 60 Materials of Engineering 3
ENGIN 71 Circuit Analysis 4
Total units for the major 34-35
Required General Education course:
CHEM 24A General Chemistry I 5
Strongly recommended:
CHEM 24B General Chemistry II 5
DRAFT 43 Advanced CAD Modeling and Applications 3
MATH 75 Calculus III 5
MATH 81 Linear Algebra 4
MATH 85 Differential Equations 4
STAT10 Elementary Statistics 4

Rev. 5/4/16

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