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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Go Smart Program?

The Go Smart Program allows eligible students to ride all of the Omnitrans fixed route bus and rail services at no charge during the semester by using their current Chaffey Student ID card.  Service is also available during the break following each academic term if the fee was paid and eligibility was maintained in the previous term.  It also allows any eligible student who is also qualified to use Omnitrans’ Access para-transit service to purchase Access one-way tickets at a twenty percent (20%) discount. Applications for the discount are available in DPS and the Chaffey College Bookstore.

What is the transportation fee?

In spring 2012, the district presented a Transportation Fee during the student elections. The student body voted to implement the transportation fee, which would permit Chaffey College to partner with Omnitrans to provide free bus transportation to enrolled students. The district presented the transportation fee to the Governing Board with approval from the student body, and with board approval the transportation fee was put into effect Fall 2012.  The current contract will remain in effect Fall 2017 through Summer 2027.

Who pays the transportation fee?

All students enrolled in credit courses during the Fall and Spring semesters and Summer session are subject to the fee (Note: The summer session is no longer free to students enrolled in the previous Spring semester.) If you are enrolled in non-credit courses or are a high school student, you may opt-in and pay the fee at time of registration to enable you to participate in the GoSmart Program. However, if you do not pay the transportation fee, you will not be eligible to ride for free.

How much is the transportation fee?

Term less than 6 units 6 units or more
Spring $8.00 $9.00
Summer $5.00 $6.00
Fall $8.00 $9.00

Who is eligible to ride?

To be eligible for ridership services from Omnitrans, you must:

  • Remain actively enrolled in classes during the term**
  • Possess a current, valid Chaffey Student ID card
  • Have paid the Transportation Fee for the current academic term

** If you withdraw from classes during a term you are no longer eligible for services at the point of withdrawal.

What does the transportation fee provide?

Students are eligible to participate in the Go Smart Program for use of Omnitrans bus transportation during the semester in which they pay the transportation fee.

How soon after registering for classes can I start using Omnitrans?

It may take up to two (2) business days from date of registration for your card to be activated with Omnitrans.

What if I drop all my courses in the semester, am I still eligible to ride the bus?

No. Eligibility for the Go Smart Program ends at the point of withdrawal in the term.

What if I don't have a student ID?

You must have a current Chaffey Student ID card to participate in the Go Smart Program and ride the bus. If you do not have an ID card, you can obtain one by going to the Admissions and Records Office on any Chaffey Campus during regular business hours.

What if I lost my student ID?

You may obtain a replacement ID card in the Admissions and Records Office on any Chaffey Campus.  Reprints are provided free of charge on Thursdays; if you need your card on any day other than Thursday there will be an $8.00 rush processing fee.  Upon issuance of your replacement card, all cards previously issued to you will be deactivated and will no longer work on the bus.

What if I'm told my student ID does not work?

Your bus driver should tell you why your card does not work. You will need that information to know how to troubleshoot resolving your situation.  Make a note of your bus and route number for purposes of completing a Problem Report.

I was told I am on the bad list, what does that mean?

If your student ID is not accepted and the driver tells you that you are on the bad list that means their records show that you are not eligible for the Go Smart Program. You are either not enrolled in any courses or you just recently enrolled and paid the transportation fee and have not yet been added to the list of eligible students (remember-it can take up to 48 hours).

Who do I contact with problems about using the bus?

Please click Problem Report to file a report. Be prepared to provide:

  • the scheduled pick-up time of the bus
  • the bus route number
  • the bus driver badge number (if possible).

No action can be taken without the pick-up time and route number.

Who do I contact with questions about the program?

You can email




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