Financial Aid Forms

2022-2023 Academic Year

You can now verify your FAFSA documents electronically!

Ready to complete your outstanding Financial Aid tasks online, with secure document upload from any device and e-sign capabilities? 

Chaffey College Financial Aid office utilizes a personalized process that makes everything about navigating financial aid easier.

Within StudentForms, all Chaffey College students have access to:  

  • Complete financial aid forms on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Securely upload documents from any device.
  • E-sign documents--both you and your parents!
  • Manage your financial aid tasks online.
  • Receive automated reminders about outstanding tasks and next steps.


Student Forms is our student portal that allows students (and parents) to electronically sign and upload documents! As the students and the college financial aid staff work through the forms, the Student Forms software will send updates in real time with documentation that is needed based on the answers provided by the students. Once you have submitted all your forms to resolve outstanding financial aid tasks, the integration with our other Chaffey College applications will be updated in real time.

Visit Campus Logic Student Forms: to register your account and get started!