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Measure P

Preparing Students for a Successful Future

High-Quality Education for Local Students

Chaffey College believes in improving students’ lives through education. Established in 1883, it provides high-quality, affordable higher education for all district residents, including working adults and returning veterans.

Chaffey College is an essential resource for students seeking a vocational/career technical education that provides the skills needed to compete for good-paying, modern careers or jobs.

Chaffey College provides high-quality education that prepares students to be transfer or job ready. Educated and job-trained students have better and healthier lives and contribute to their local economies more. In fact, a third-party economic study revealed how the college works to better serve communities through contributing nearly $600 million in added income, student and alumni spending in the cities it serves.

Local Funding to Help Repair, Upgrade and Improve Chaffey College

Several buildings at Chaffey College were built in the 1960s and need basic health, safety and technology improvements. Because of the changing economy, our classrooms and labs must be upgraded to provide students with up-to-date skills and access to modern technology.

The Chaffey College Governing Board has placed a Measure P on the November 2018 ballot. The measure would accomplish the following:

  • Upgrading classrooms, labs and technology to help prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities
  • Repair deteriorating gas, electrical and sewer lines and fix leaky roofs
  • Upgrade job training facilities for manufacturing, skilled trades and health occupations
  • Improve student safety and security systems
  • Remove asbestos, lead paint and mold
  • Upgrade science, computer and technology labs
  • Improve training facilities for nurses and emergency first responders
  • Upgrade and expand facilities for veterans' services and job training

Chaffey College costs
6x less
than public universities.
More and more local students and their families are relying
on Chaffey College for affordable education.
7,827Jobs supported
in the region
100sof Chaffey College
trained nurses work locally
30,000Number of students
served in 2017-18
More than3,000graduates in Class of 2018
Named Top10Community College in the nation
by the Aspen Institute
Nearly$600 MILLIONTotal income supported
in the region

Chaffey College is Committed to Fiscal Responsibility

  • A Measure P would require a citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits
  • No money from a measure would go to administrators’ salaries or pensions
  • A measure would allow Chaffey College to qualify for state matching funds
  • By law, no funds would be taken away by the State, ensuring that all funds stay local
  • A Measure P would cost up to $15/$100,000 of assessed value, the board is considering a structure that maintains the same tax rate approved by voters in 2002.
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