To become a Chaffey College student, you need to go through the placement process in English and math. Placement is also required for students wanting to take English as a Second Language. The good news is you no longer have to take assessment tests. Placement helps us determine how much you’ve learned previously in these subjects and what course level you should take now. More than likely, you’ll be able to start with college-level math and English in your first year, due to your rights under Assembly Bill 705.

Effective January 11, 2021…

Chaffey College’s new placement process increases opportunities for entering students to directly access transfer-level math and English courses and complete these courses within their first year.  While past placement practices included the use of assessment tests to generate course placement recommendations, the current placement process focuses on students’ academic and career interests and educational background to generate course placement recommendations.  Some of the sources used to generate course placement recommendations include:  

  • The Academic and Career Community (ACC) that you select
  • Your high school or college transcripts and grade-point averages (GPAs) (these can be official, unofficial, or self-reported if you are unable to get ahold of your transcripts)
  • The highest level of coursework completed in a subject and that course’s grade


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Placement Results:

Click below to view the course-level placement recommendations in math, English, and credit ESL of students who first entered Chaffey College in the 2019-20 academic year.  The tables also identify the number of first-time students who enrolled in these courses in their first year.

English Math ESL

Alternative placement

  • Transcripts from another college/university - Students who have completed English or mathematics courses at another college/university, verified by official transcripts, will have their placement requirement automatically cleared within 48 hours of receipt of official transcripts. Please e-mail if you have questions.
  • AP Exams - Students who have earned a score of 3 or higher on an Advanced Placement examination in English or mathematics verified by official college board test results must submit a pre-requisite/co-requisite validation form. The form can be submitted by e-mail/fax/in person.
  • CAASPP/SBAC/SAT/ACT - Students who achieved a score of “standard exceeded” or a score of 4 in English will place in English 1A, composition. You will need to complete the SBAC and SAT clearance form available online or in person at the counseling department. SBAC results are valid up to a year after graduating from high school. Scores report will need be attached. Students who achieved a score of 500 or above on their SAT English or a score of 22 and above on the ACT English will place in English 1A, composition. You will need to complete the SBAC and SAT clearance form available online or in person at the counseling department. Score report will need to be attached. Students who receive an English placement through the SBAC and SAT clearance form will be automatically cleared for: MATH-25, MATH-4, STAT-10, and SCSCI-10. B-STEM majors may be eligible for a higher placement and should contact the placement and testing center.